Multiplying Food Trucks to Multiply Profits

It is well-known that in the restaurant market that a good product always displaces a bad one.

However, when it comes to choosing where to eat, the quality of the product isn’t everything, and other factors come into play, such as the quality of service, the cleanliness of the establishment, and the aesthetics and atmosphere on offer.

A food truck is a moving venue, a place where good food is bought while seeking the same pleasant sensations.

The food trucks that can evoke these feelings are the ones that work. Naturally, the same principle that applies to traditional venues applies to these mobile ones: they can be multiplied to replicate success and expand the business.

In traditional catering, chains (of restaurants, pizzerias, ice cream parlors…) are created, in the street food sector, fleets of food trucks are created.


Fleets of food trucks to increase success

A company may decide to purchase two or more food trucks for various strategic and operational reasons.

Let’s look at some with related examples.


Expanding Geographic Reach

With more food trucks, a company can operate in different areas at the same time, reaching a wider and more varied clientele. This allows exploration of new markets and an understanding of where the products or services offered are more popular.


2 V-Curve Piaggio Ape
1 Piaggio Porter Craft X

gelateria ambulante ape gelato finlandia

porter gelateria ambulante kalle


Saturating a Geographic Area to Preempt Competition

Having more vehicles in the same location or within a limited geographical area is a way to prevent competitors from entering the fray and dominating the area. Occupying the most profitable positions maximizes profits and keeps competitors at bay.


Cafè Alpin
4 V-Curve Piaggio Ape/a>

bar caffetteria ambulante alpin, food truck di colore celeste progettato per vendere bevande calde presso le piste di Chamonix

3 Ape V-Curve
1 V-Smart Piaggio Ape

Ape street food Emporio Artari caffe italiano al mercato di Versailles in Francia


Increasing Service Capacity

During high-attendance events or in particularly popular locations, a single food truck may not be enough to handle the volume of customers. Having multiple units allows serving more people at the same time, reducing waiting times and improving customer experience.


Diversifying the Offer

Different food trucks can be equipped or themed differently to offer varied menus or culinary experiences even within the same geographic location. This can attract a broad spectrum of clientele with varied tastes and preferences.


Itinerant Street Food
3 V-Curve Piaggio Ape

Ape Street Food SuPrimu

Ape Stree Food SuSegundu Sardegna

itinerant ape street food sufrittu


Operational Flexibility

In case of mechanical failures or scheduled maintenance, having more than one vehicle ensures that the activity can continue without interruptions. Moreover, two vehicles allow the company to easily adapt to particular seasons or events, allocating more resources where and when they are most needed.


Increasing Brand Visibility

More circulating food trucks with the company’s branding increase brand visibility. This can serve as a powerful marketing tool, especially if the vehicles are aesthetically well-cared for and recognizable.


Consorzio Asti DOCG
2 V-Curve Piaggio Ape

ape wine bar consorzio d'asti docg

1 Piaggio Porter Craft X
1 V-Curve Piaggio Ape
1 Wolkswagen T2 Van

cocktail truck aperol spritz arancione per servire aperitivi spritz al ritmo di musica

ape cocktail-bar aperol allestita per celebrare i 100 anni dell'azienda

volkswagen food truck T2 VW

1 Airstream Trailer
2 Vintage Food Trucks

carrello rimorchio food airstream lavazza. Veicolo vintage anni '70 rinnovato e modernizzato come si vede dalla foto

Food Truck Fiat 615 Lavazza

food truck fiat 616 lavazza per promozione caffè in Svizzera


Experimenting with New Concepts or Products

A company can use an additional food truck to test new menu concepts or business strategies without compromising the operation of the main vehicle. This allows for a more cautious approach to innovation, reducing associated risks.


1 Piaggio Ape Classic
1 Airstream Trailer

food truck ape martini racing

airstream cocktail-bar martini


2 NV Food Trucks

food truck conceived for selling Brazzale's Gran Moravia cheese and other dairy products

nv food truck promotional tour brazzale


Private Events and Catering

With more food trucks, the company can also cater to private events, parties, weddings, or corporate events, opening up an additional stream of revenue.


Fabrique des Burgers
3 Professional Food Trucks

burger truck ma fabrique du burger


Home Delivery

The availability of additional food trucks makes it possible to offer delivery service without giving up a previously acquired advantageous position.


BBQ Valdichiana
1 Piaggio Ape Classic
1 NV Food Truck

burger ape van Valdichiana BBQ


Complementarity of Food Trucks

Different models can perform different functions. For example, a company may purchase a Food Truck Pro X to use as a mobile restaurant and a Yield Trailer to use as a complementary bar-cocktail service.


Street Arbre
1 V-Curve Piaggio Ape
1 NV Food Trucks

street arbre mini food truck Piaggio ApeCar designed for catering and delivery

street arbre nv food truck is a nomadic gastronomy and street food project by the French chef Yoranne

The Hamburger Foundation
1 Trailer
1 Professional Food Truck

setup THF trailer

setup food truck thf

1 V-Curve Piaggio Ape
1 Professional Food Truck

mini food truck piaggio tr3vor

Food Truck Tr3vor Switzerland


In essence, fleets of food trucks allow scaling operations, exploring new markets, and satisfying a wider clientele with greater flexibility and resilience.

The purchase of 2 or more food trucks can respond to a pre-established plan or follow the unexpected success of an initial investment.

At VS, we testify with great satisfaction to the recurrence of both scenarios.