Pro X – Eco Friendly Food Truck

to excel in the mobile food business

Foodtruck + App to increase productivity and sales

The Pro X is a next-generation food truck designed to provide companies with an efficient mobile work tool which really makes a difference. With a patented design and innovative look, it has been created to be unique and recognizable.


It can be equipped with photovoltaic panels and high-performing lithium batteries, allowing it to be inserted within the new eco-sustainable framework now established throughout the world.


A power supply with lithium batteries and a photovoltaic system lowers operating costs and simplifies on-board energy management.

The Pro X can be recharged in three different ways:

  • an external plug (including charging stations);
  • photovoltaic panels on the roof;
  • the vehicle’s alternator (while running).


Under ideal conditions, the three forms of power provide energy self-sufficiency.

The entire system and all of its electronics, including the charge level and current absorption, can be easily visualized via the monitor.

And electronics is not just an expression, as the Pro X Food Truck incorporates eXtra, an innovative digital remote control system for the main operations on board.

Ecological and connected

"Total Energy Indipendence" Thanks to its three energy sources (photovoltaic panels, the electrical grid, and its alternator), the vehicle is capable of creating and reusing electrical energy, making it completely energy independent for long stretches.
"Charging on the move" It charges while you are on your way to work thanks to the engine’s alternator which recharges the batteries and solar panels installed on the roof.
"Manageable with the extra app" You can manage your outfitting by downloading the eXtra app on your phone and use it to turn the lights on and off and adjust the temperature inside the vehicle.

Thanks to an APP which is easily installed on your phone, it is possible to remotely manage each Pro X component:

  • checking environmental metrics (temperature, humidity);
  • checking for the presence of gas leaks or cooking equipment malfunctions;
  • adjusting the air conditioning and the ventilation fan;
  • adjusting the temperature of the fridge and freezer;
  • verifying that everything is working according to the set parameters;
  • setting warning alarms;
  • checking the status of the doors and support legs;
  • turning the lights on and off.

The Pro X and the App eXtra are perfectly integrated, and their combined use ensures a significant improvement in safety and profits.

The equipment and lighting can be completely customized to fit the products sold and the production requirements.

Its ergonomics and design have been meticulously cared for in the most minute details to ease the operators’ work on board and improve productivity.


The Pro X is an innovative and eco-friendly food truck ready to give you a competitive advantage. This vehicle goes back to the traditional concept of the food truck and modernizes it to bring into the future.