Ape V-Curve® | Small Catering Van | Food Service and Brand Promotion

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Piaggio Ape V-Curve®
A mini food van for your enterprise

The conversion of an Ape V-Curve® is tailored to each company’s strategy. For the mobile catering business this patented Piaggio food van exhibits impressive performances and at the same time serves magnificently its promotional function. In other words, the Ape V-Curve is an original and powerful means to get noticed. The prices vary based on the customizable choices. You might be interested in the Piaggio Ape Electric. For our clients we make mobile kitchens and food catering vans with a strong brand identity. The equipment, materials, graphic artwork and colors are scrupulously customized to make the Piaggio food truck a effective communication and marketing tool for the company.

Discover all of the characteristics of the Ape V-Curve®