Yield Trailer

ecological trailer managed via a battery and photovoltaic system, ideal for mobile food business or street trading

An innovative trailer to set up as a mobile kitchen or traveling boutique

Yield Trailer is a modular, light and environmentally friendly mini trailer which can be outfitted for any type of food or retail sales.


Thanks to its photovoltaic/battery system, it is also solar-powered. Much smaller while traveling, it has large working areas when the roof is lifted during operation.


Being extremely light, this small food trailer with a unique design can be towed with any driving license and car.


Yield Trailer is first the completely customizable Food / Retail Trailer with a layout which can be configured for various types of products.

Yield Trailer is also the first solar-powered trailer managed via a battery and photovoltaic system which makes it autonomous and compatible with every work environment.


It can easily and safely be set up in public and private spaces, both outdoors and indoors with zero emissions. It is a small and compact trailer when being towed, but large and noticeable once opened.


Its low weight and smaller dimensions make it easy to manage logistically, while its ergonomics have been designed to make preparing foods and working on board easier. Plus, thanks to its low sales counter, Yield Trailer is easily accessible for even the youngest clients.


"A TRAILER ON A HUMAN SCALE" The structure, compact and low in height when closed, opens in seconds to reveal a human-scale layout, with a pull-out counter that facilitates interaction between operators and customers.
"YOUR TRANSPORTABLE MINI SHOP" You will only need a driving license B and any type of car to transport your Yield trailer from place to place in search of the best business opportunities.
"YOUR BUSINESS ANYWHERE AND IN LITTLE SPACE" Its compact dimensions make the Yield easy to fit into even the tightest spaces. Once unhooked, you can continue to use the vehicle that towed it for refueling and any other kind of trips.

The Yield trailer has adequate dimensions to independently handle the sale of many of the most popular street food products:

  • ice cream and waffles
  • pizza
  • coffee
  • sandwiches
  • hamburgers
  • hot dogs
  • beer

It can also be used as a support set-up for another food truck, to offer a complementary service.


In this case, the Yield can be equipped to prepare aperitifs, to tap beer, as a cafeteria or even as a bar to prepare cocktails and other drinks.