Mobile Cocktail Bar Truck Martini Racing

  • Piaggio Mobile Cocktail Bar designed for Martini
  • Martini Piaggio mobile bar designed for cocktails vending
  • Martini Mobile Cocktail Bar built on Piaggio Van
Street Food, Cocktail-Bar, Piaggio Ape
About This Project

“No Martini No Party”! Now, thanks to this crazy Mobile Cocktail Bar Truck you will never remain without the legendary Martini cocktail and countless other tasty aperitifs in Street Food version.
Technical specifications of the Cocktail-Bar Truck “Martini Racing”:

  • Piaggio Ape Car
  • Refrigerated display cabinet
  • Cocktail workstation
  • Tec29 built-in generator
  • n°1 Fridge 1-door
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 220V 32A electrical system
  • LED lighting 3000°K

Would you like to buy a customized Mobile Cocktail-Bar Truck for your business? A food truck Piaggio Ape inevitably catch the attention of passersby highlighting your brand image; feel free to contact us right now 🙂