Ape VCurve Electric

convert your electric Ape in food truck or mobile boutique

Piaggio Ape with Electric Motor customised for Food or Retail

Ape VCurve Electric is an evolution of the legendary Ape VCurve patented. It has a 100% electric engine and completely autonomous outfitting which is managed by super efficient lithium batteries, an innovative and eco-sustainable food truck.


Ape VCurve Electric is a mini van with an electric engine, inheriting the versatility and vintage appeal which made the VCurve patented famous.


It is a vehicle which can be configured as food truck or shop on wheels for any type of sales:

  • food: pizza, gelato, draught beer, wine, coffee, sushi, catering and food service;
  • retail: high fashion, apparel, jewelry, watches, accessories, etc.

With 50 km of fuel range and just three hours of recharging time (via a simple outlet), this modular and affordable model is the most ecological food truck on the market.


It works with lithium batteries with the option of including a photovoltaic kit to increase its battery life.


The iconic design, lifting roof, carefully designed ergonomics and custom equipment make this Ape electric car functional and irresistible both as a mini food truck and shop.