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Sale of Custom Piaggio Ape Cars
Mobile Food Business

A Piaggio Ape Car fitted out as mobile kitchen for cooking and selling food is one of the pride and joys of VS Veicoli Speciali. Our ape cars and vans, likewise all our food trucks, are designed with special attention given to ergonomics: we want them to be beautiful, but most of all practical and functional to make street vendors‘ working on board easier. In order to help you to succeed in the mobile food business, we resort exclusively to high quality materials. Ape Piaggio V-Curve’s design is one of the patents we are most proud of. Prices vary according to the outfitting and equipment installed.

We provide below 4 types of Piaggio van for conversion into shops on wheels. By clicking on the category name you will be able to see ape cars geared up to provide mobile catering services, smart ice-cream piaggio vans, Ape V-Curve for use as a street food truck at trade events and festivals, Ape TR to be placed in shopping centers and many more for sale. Each Ape is customizable in each detail with the highest quality equipment: ovens and stovetops, fridges, refrigerated displays, hot water tanks and electric generators. Contact us to receive a price quote. Find out why our customized piaggio trucks are requested throughout the world.

Ape V-Curve Eguia Hotel Interski beer truck

» Ape V-Curve®

A shop on three wheels

The Ape V-Curve is the market’s most efficient and versatile patented shop on wheels. A concentration of design and technology makes it unique and irresistible. Modern and vintage at the same time, it gets customized based on the product sector and purchasing company’s business targets. Click on the button-title to find out some of the most beautiful models produced.

Ape TR realizzata per castello di Chenonceau in Francia

» Ape TR®

An engineless Piaggio food truck

A patented solution. A converted mini-truck designed to be placed in all closed commercial spaces, where motorized vehicles are not allowed. Wherever it gets placed, the Ape Piaggio TR takes on the function of a mobile vending station, a nice and efficient kiosk on wheels. It takes just a few minutes to set up and requires no maintenance.
Click on the above title to look at some models created in various sizes for different sectors and companies.

Ape Smart promo truck per marchio della moda Caramelo Milano

» Ape Smart

An affordable solution

Ideal for catering and private events, the Ape Smart is a mini-store on wheels that can be configured as a food truck or a promo truck depending on the customer's objectives. It allows the operator to work on the ground on three sides of the vehicle. It takes just 2 minutes to set up this vintage-style van set up for sales or the promotion of your brand.

Ape V-Smart DriDri per street food business

» Ape V-Smart®

Working on the ground with new design

Piaggio Ape food truck ideal for catering and private events. It can be easily placed in any commercial property to sell products and advertise the brand in high-transit spaces. Perfect for being transformed into a coffee or pizza van, the Ape V-Smart can be equipped as well with beer, wine or prosecco tapping systems. The evolution of the classic Piaggio Ape van.