Vintage Food Catering Trucks – Food service moves around with style

Traveling restaurant Citroen HY and Type H, food catering truck Volkswagen T2, mobile café Fiat 615 and 616, vintage beer truck Musone 1100, mobile kitchen Mercedes 310, etc.

Great brands have great pasts

A food catering truck is the perfect way to relaunch a company’s image. Take a classical vehicle, restore it, customize it in every detail and show it off in public, while delighting customer’s palates with high-quality food service. The clients won’t be able to forget its presence, originality and elegance of a bygone era. If a brand has stood the test of time, it means it must be a great one. A vintage-style custom food truck allows you to distinguish yourself in a unique and incomparable way. Below you can find some food service truck demonstrating the visual impact you could get within your business industry.

Discover all the characteristics of a Vintage Food truck