Ape VCurve® – TR3VOR

  • mini food truck piaggio tr3vor
  • mini-food-truck piaggio ape vcurve progettato per lo chef stellato trevor alpignani e il suo progetto street food nel ticino svizzero
  • ape vcurve tr3vor per attività street food in svizzera. Ape Piaggio dotata di cucina professionale per lo chef trevor alpignani
Piaggio Ape, Ape V-Curve®
About This Project

When you made a successful project, all you can do is repeat it! The Michelin-starred Swiss Chef, Tr3vor, after his first Ducato food truck made by VS Veicoli Speciali, now expands his fleet of mobile kitchens with an Ape VCurve.


Main features of the mini food truck “Tr3vor”:

  • Ape V-Curve® Piaggio
  • N° 1 fridge 2 doors
  • N° 1 storage space 2 doors
  • Electric system 220V 16A
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • LED lightning 3000°K

The VCurve Ape transformed into a mobile kitchen is a exceptional mini food truck for transport capacity and movement in city centers. Moreover it is a vehicle that stands out for its irresistible vintage aesthetics. Call or write us to receive price information and see options.

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