Ape V-Curve® – Café Alpin

  • coffee bar on piaggio apecar alpin
  • Mobile coffee-bar Alpin for vending hot beverages in Chamonix
Piaggio Ape, Ape V-Curve®
About This Project

Café Alpin has bought not just one, but a fleet of Piaggio mobile coffee-bar to offer hot drinks to skiers who frequent the Chamonix slopes. Italian hot coffee and chocolate, english tea and more delicacies that produce smiles around the ski-lifts and in the most touristic areas.
An intelligent and innovative business model.
Technical features of the Piaggio mobile coffee-bar:

  • Piaggio Ape V-Curve®
  • N°1 two-doors fridge
  • Storage space
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • Electric system 220V 32A (2 lines)
  • LED Illumination 3000°K

Do you have already set a coffee shop and thinking of going mobile with a Piaggio food van? Are you aiming at turning yourself into a peddler buying a food truck and opening a street food business?
Contact us as soon as possible, we will give to you all the information and support you need.

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