Burger Truck Ma fabrique du burger

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About This Project

If you happen to come across this “Ma fabrique du burger” burger truck more than once while traveling around France, it won’t be because of déjà vu. In fact, the starred-chef Eric Girardin requested three identical models for the mobile hamburger factory project he created.
Customers can order the hamburgers and pick them up at the burger truck area in just 10 minutes or at a specific time. The French food service industry is on the move.
Technical features of the “Ma fabrique du burger” food truck:

  • Professional Food Truck
  • 1 hood
  • 1 two-tub gas fryer (8+8 lt)
  • 1 gas fry top with two 80 cm cooking areas
  • 1 freezer cabinet (700 lt)
  • 1 two-door fridge (300 lt)
  • 1 stainless-steel storage unit with sliding doors
  • 3 open storage units
  • 1 storage unit with a door
  • 1 wooden wall unit with LED spotlights
  • Compliant gas system
  • Compliant 230V 32A electrical system
  • 6 lines of 3000°K LED lighting
  • Independent water system with hot water

Why invest in a chain of static and pricey hamburger joints when you can purchase just as many food trucks while saving money and gaining on mobility? Call us now and we’ll work together on your exciting project.