Food Truck manufacturer: from design to after-sales service

In the mobile food business, food trucks can offer a wide range of services to cater to various customer needs and occasions.

Among the most common SERVICES offered by food trucks we experience:

  • Street food sales: daily sales in busy urban areas, parks, and street corners;
  • Catering services: providing food for private events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate gatherings;
  • Event participation: setting up at festivals, fairs, concerts, and sports events;
  • Corporate services: serving food at company events, office parks, and business districts;
  • Late-night services: serving food in nightlife areas, targeting bars, clubs, and late-night crowds;
  • Food delivery and pre-orders: offering delivery services within a certain radius;
  • Cooking demonstrations and classes: hosting live cooking demonstrations and interactive classes.


By diversifying their services, food trucks can maximize their reach, attract a wider customer base, and ensure steady business throughout the year.

Whatever the service offered, customer expectations are high, and the food trucker must be able to provide an experience that meets these expectations, as both the food and the food truck get judged.

Hence, choosing the right food truck builder is a must and improvvisation is not an option.

The construction of custom food trucks requires special expertise and competence because it includes equipment for the stocking, processing and cooking of food, along with a reliable energy supply system.

VS Veicoli Speciali has been producing new food trucks and selling used ones for about 20 years.

Two decades of passionate work with the aim of constantly improving, innovating, and optimizing our food trucks in every aspect, always in compliance with current regulations.

We are proud to be known throughout Europe (and beyond) for the constructional and aesthetic quality of our food trucks.

But we take even more satisfaction in being recognized for our reliability and competence: we do what we say and provide our customers with food trucks that work and generate profits.

We accompany and assist the customer in the process that, from the initial collection of information and ideas, leads to the delivery of the ready-to-operate food truck.

The main STEPS of this process are:

  1. Needs analysis;
  2. Quote and contract;
  3. Technical data sheet and simulation;
  4. Customization;
  5. Production and delivery;
  6. After-sales assistance.



Purchase your Food Truck in 6 simple steps


1. Needs Analysis

It is essential to understand the goals and specific needs in order to propose an optimal setup tailored to the real requirements of the customer.

2. Quote and Contract

After studying and agreeing with the customer on the ideal solution, we prepare a comprehensive quote, which, once accepted, leads to the signing of the contract.

3. Technical Data Sheet and Simulation

The technical data sheet allows the customer to check that everything works and that all elements are in place, simulating the working mode on the food truck.

4. Customisation

With the customer, we define materials, colors, graphics and finishes. The common goal is to create a vehicle perfectly consistent with the company’s image, reflecting the brand and correctly communicating the product sold.

5. Production and Delivery

The food truck will be built following the project in every detail. It will be solid and efficient, taking advantage from a design aimed at facilitating work and promoting productivity.

6. After-Sales Assistance

We will provide the customer with all the technical support they need and, especially if it is a start-up, help them promoting their business through our communication channels.

All the food trucks we sell can be driven with a category B driving license and boast ergonomics designed to facilitate all the main operations to be carried out on board:

  • Store food and ingredients;
  • Prepare and process them;
  • Cook;
  • Serve;
  • Clean.

We sell custom food trucks to street food vendors, chefs, restaurant chains, entrepreneurs and companies.

They are used in the most diverse contexts:

  • Outdoor markets;
  • Music events and festivals;
  • Universities and campuses;
  • Commercial areas and business districts;
  • Sports events;
  • Parks and recreational areas;
  • Historic centers and tourist attractions;
  • Residential areas;
  • Stations and airports;
  • Corporate events;
  • Weddings, parties, ceremonies;
  • Private squares and courtyards;
  • Museums and hospitality structures;
  • Etc.


The most sold street food trucks are setup for the most popular food products, such as sandwiches, pizza and ice cream.


The most popular food truck setups


Sandwich Truck

L’Or Bokit (Switzerland)

de l'or bokit sandwich truck selling Antillean sandwiches


Pizza Truck

Pizza da Salvo (Switzerland)

pizza truck da salvo built on eco food truck


Deli Food Truck

Rapelli (Switzerland)

deli food truck rapelli setup on NV Food Truck


Biraghi (Italy)

cheese food truck biraghi


Ice-Cream Truck

Kalle (Finland)

ice-cream truck piaggio porter Kalle


Pastry Food Truck

L’Éclair de Génie (Italy)

Pastry Food Truck Eclair


Coffee Bar Truck

Ape’n Bar (Italy)

coffee bar truck manufactured on piaggio ape v-curve


Bar Trailer

Martini (Italy)

airstream martini drinks bar trailer


Fry Food Truck

Fritti (Scotland)

Fry Food Truck fritti


Market Truck

Agrofattorino (Italy)

Market Truck selling vegetables and fruit agrofattorino