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We build high-end food trucks and business trucks

Your project in four simple steps.


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Customised business vehicles that make a difference


We design food trucks that respect the road and health regulations of the countries in which they operate. Each vehicle is unique and made with a strong brand and product identity.
The project is developed by responding to the customer’s needs and preferences, with nothing left to chance.


An iconic vehicle in various versions, some of which have a patented design. The electric engine and the high-performing rechargeable batteries allow the Piaggio Ape to access any space. Sustainable, compact, roomy, and extremely adaptable, it is fit for any product. An excellent van for street food marketing.


Trailers set up for mobile food business and carts turned into shops on wheels for clothes, accessories and other merchandise display, all of which get made to measure. Plus, there is our Yield Trailer, the first solar-powered trailer which is energy independent thanks to its batteries and photovoltaic cells.


Vehicles designed to promote brands and products. They can be made on any type of model (including vintage vehicles) and set up to carry out any function.
With a promo truck you can offer food service, sell products, and advertise services during promotional tours, trade fairs, and events.

“You don’t buy a food truck every day, so choose a special one!”

The distinctive qualities of our concepts

The 4 cornerstones which guide the production of our food trucks and business trucks.


We create projects which consider the environment through the choice of energy-saving solutions and the inclusion of solar energy among the power options.


With our eXtra® app it is possible to communicate technologically and directly with all your vehicle’s elements.


We conceive of made-to-measure outfittings. Each of the vehicle’s elements can be customized and altered based on your needs.


The work area and its spaces, equipment, and every facet of the design is well-researched to ease your work and increase productivity.

Professionals specialized in the construction of the Food Truck

We work hard to understand your needs in order to turn them into a mobile food truck which is fit for your business goals.


An innovative vehicle designed with the goal of increasing profit margins for companies by making the energy and production processes more efficient.


A highly customizable, solid, and ergonomic food truck which is equipped with ample space for work on board. It is perfect for catering, trade fairs, and events.


It features extraordinary aesthetics thanks to its retro look which evokes the Citroën Type H from the Sixties and Seventies.


The most ECOnomical solution in the “food truck” category range, this minimalist outfitting does not give up on superior construction standards.


It reinterprets the classic Porter Piaggio in a modern key by transforming into a food truck which has a superior cargo volume and is extremely agile for city driving.

“We work for you and with you, placing our experience at your service!”

From Street Food to your Food Truck

We have built custom food trucks for companies of every kind and size.
Find out which ones by browsing each product category STREET FOOD.

Manage your business truck via app

eXtra® is the mobile application which allows you to remotely manage each one of your outfitting’s components.

With eXtra® you can connect to your food truck and monitor everything!

The built-in digital system which allows you to control the on-board equipment and the functions in order to work better and produce more.

“We help you create a project by adapting to your needs!”

Our customers’ opinions

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