Pescaria starts a fast food truck to sell its gourmet sandwiches

It’s the latest commercial venture by Pescaria: selling its now hugely popular gourmet fast food via a mobile food truck, custom-designed for this purpose.

The NV Food Truck joins the other eight restaurants opened by Pescaria in a few short years, starting with the one in Polignano a Mare, launched in 2015 by three friends:

  • Bartolo L’Abbate (fishmonger from Puglia);
  • Lucio Mele (chef);
  • Domingo Iudice (marketing expert).


The idea is as simple as it is powerful: transform the traditional Puglian fish sandwiches into gourmet “sea sandwiches” reimagined with high-quality ingredients and new flavor combinations.

The success was immediate, leading to the opening of seven more outlets in Milan (2), Turin, Rome, Verona, Bologna, and Trani.

Rarely has such rapid expansion been seen in the fast food restaurant industry, perhaps because rarely is fast food this good.

In the restaurants, besides the gourmet sandwiches, you can enjoy Puglian mussels and oysters, salmon, tuna, and shrimp tartare, mixed fried seafood, paranza, crustacean meatballs, as well as seafood tagliatelle and salads.

Similarly, the Pescaria food truck is equipped to cook the same dishes offered in the restaurants and, of course, the famous sandwiches stuffed with fish and marine delicacies:

  • fried octopus;
  • large prawns or red shrimp;
  • salmon;
  • tuna tartare;
  • swordfish;
  • etc

kitchen interior of the fast food truck

A solution designed to combine street food and fast food without sacrificing quality.

fast food truck selling gourmet sandwiches


A fast food truck designed to elevate the brand to a new level of notoriety

A few days ago, Pescaria celebrated the entry of three renowned Italian chefs into the culinary board that will oversee the further expansion and internationalization of the company:

  • Chef Peppe Guida, 1 Michelin star with the restaurant Antica Osteria Nonna Rosa in Vico Equense;
  • Chef Maria Cicorella, 1 Michelin star with the restaurant Pashà in Conversano;
  • Chef Michele Spadaro, a talented young chef recently awarded the title of EmergingChef.

pescaria starred food truck during a party in polignano a mare to present the 3 starred chefs of the culinary board
The celebration took place in Polignano a Mare where the undisputed star was the fast food truck on which the three chefs put on a real show cooking event.

Equipped with a high-level professional kitchen, with grills for cooking and a fryer, efficient fridges for preserving food, large storage spaces for stocking products, the Pescaria fast food truck can compete with the other outlets in the group by serving large quantities of hot and cold dishes.

food truck restaurant pescaria equipped with plates and fryers to cook fish dishes and seafood sandwiches

The graphics and colors recall the style of the restaurants and elegantly reaffirm the corporate identity. Every detail is designed to consistently communicate the brand image.

Pescaria will use the food truck to further expand its fame without losing sight of the project’s profitability.

Thanks to the new fast food truck, it will be able to participate in private and corporate events, join food festivals and fairs, offer catering services at ceremonies and private parties, and organize home deliveries.

All this while moving to meet customers instead of waiting for them in the restaurants, with the advantage of also promoting the brand, increasing its visibility.

Eight outlets opened in eight years of activity, two Michelin-starred chefs in the kitchen, and a stellar food truck just acquired—not bad for just the beginning.