Ape TR® | The mini food truck for commercial spaces

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Piaggio Ape TR®
A mobile kiosk for your brand

Every company aims to position its brand and products in places with a high amount of foot traffic and visibility. The Ape TR allows one to do it with the biggest visual impact possible. Being engineless, it qualifies for any open or closed commercial space: in large buildings, private areas, corporate squares or courtyards. Equipped for street food business, the Piaggio Ape TR becomes a formidable mobile kiosk for sales and promotion. An incomplete list of places to which it has access for the selling of products and brand promotion (not only food service) includes: shopping centers, outlets, airports, stations, water and theme parks, casinos, sports centers, hotels, resorts, convention and exhibition centers, expo events, museums, business districts, holiday villages and so on. No matter where it gets placed, this Piaggio food truck will lend consistency and liveliness to your business.

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