Starting 3 Piaggio Food Trucks under 1 Original Business Concept

The business idea comes from Francesco Orrù, a 21 years old Economics student who, with the help of his father, wanted to go into the street food business in Sardinia, where street food is a solid tendency and a valid alternative to normal restaurants.

In Sardinia a unique business concept by Francesco Orrù: Itinerant Street Food

The Itinerant Street Food project was born, with 3 Piaggio food trucks with 3 different menus to satisfy every taste:

SuFrittu – fried seafood

piaggio ape food truck in Cagliari SuFrittu

SuPrimu – traditional sardinian pasta

piaggio ape for street food business in Sardinia SuPrimu

SuSegundu – meat dishes and gourmet burghers

piaggio ape food truck SuSegundu

3 Piaggio Ape and one goal: meeting a constantly growing demand for good food in a mobile mode.

After all, Coldiretti’s data speak loud and clear about the preferences of Italians on food: the majority of Italians have tried street food at least once and many repeat the experience until it becomes a habit, especially on lunch break during the week.

Here below you can find the video of the interview that Francesco Orrù released to for the program “L’Isola che funziona” (The island that works):


Itinerant Challenge: a food challenge on three wheels. 3 chefs will compete on the 3 Piaggio food trucks


The idea is to make the selection process of the chefs that will in the future handle the food trucks in a TV format.

The competition of the candidates on the 3 Piaggio food trucks will be supervised by senior chefs that will guide, teach and evaluate junior chefs.

Here you can find the summary of the first episode:


The summary of the second episode:


The summary of the third episode:


The summary of the last episode. Who is the winner?


Buying a food truck and opening a street food business in Sardinia

The business venture of Francesco Orrù is the proof that there is always room for new activities in the street food sector.

Of course, it is not always easy to get the necessary financing to make the idea in your mind come true.

In Sardinia or in any other southern regions of Italy, now there is something that can make the difference, if you are smart and willing to work, but you lack of the funds to buy your own food truck and start a new itinerant project.

new entrepreneurial projects of young people in south Italy:

The bid “Resto al Sud”, opened by a decree of 2017, is dedicated to young people until 35 years old and aims to encourage the birth of new companies in the economically disadvantaged regions in Italy.

At the moment, the bid has no expiration date, so, if you have the necessary requirements to take part in the bid and a clear and well-thought project, you will get an important financing to buy a food truck and start your business.

Like they say, “Cut the talk”, with determination and intelligence anyone can become a protagonist of the street food sector.