Food Catering Mini Truck Street ArBre

  • Food Catering Mini Truck | V-Curve® Piaggio Ape Van | Street ArBre
  • gourmet food catering van built on Piaggio ApeCar for a french starred chef
  • Mini food truck designed for the starred chef Yoranne Vandriessche used for gourmet food catering and delivery in the French Riviera
Piaggio Ape, Ape V-Curve®
About This Project

Yoranne Vandriessche is a starred-chef who, in addition to being a fantastic cook, is an entrepreneur with an amazing business sense. He currently manages his own restaurant on the French Riviera “L’Arbre au Soleil”, overlooking the port of Le Lavandou. In order to both promote it and increase the number of customers for his gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, he has purchased two gourmet food catering trucks, an NV Food Truck and this Piaggio Ape Van, which are also used to offer a local delivery service.
Technical data of the Food Catering Mini-Truck:

  • Ape V-Curve® Piaggio
  • 1 One-door refrigerators
  • 1 Two-drawer refrigerator
  • 1 Storage space
  • 1 Two-burner stove
  • 1 Two-tank pasta cooker
  • 1 Hood
  • TEC 29 generator
  • Gas system
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 230V 16A electrical system
  • 3000°K LED lighting system


Do you also have a restaurant or food service business which needs promoting and help growing? In addition to the Apecar, there are many other options and each one has amazing credentials. Contact us and tell us what you need. We will try to design a custom food truck for you which is able to bring out what makes your brand special.