Pro X Food Truck

This is the first food truck to take advantage of technology to increase profits

with eXtra: the mobile app to easily manage your food truck

The biggest brands and companies in the food service sector can finally rely on a food truck which is worthy of their prestige and aspirations. The Pro X is an innovative setup which is designed with the goal of increasing profit margins for companies by making fuel consumption and all the foodtruck’s production and management processes more efficient. Thanks to eXtra, its integrated digital system, it is possible to control all of the devices and the equipment on board and optimize them as needed.


From a phone one can adjust and monitor:

  • the temperature of the refrigerators;
  • the humidity level in the space;
  • LPG and CO2 levels;
  • the lighting;
  • the battery charge;
  • the doors and support legs;
  • turning the devices on and off;
  • the air conditioning and fans.

The Pro X food truck can be powered in three ways:

  • with lithium batteries charged by solar panels;
  • an external plug;
  • the vehicle’s alternator (while moving).


In good environmental conditions, the Pro X is a 100% autonomous system, an eco-sustainable work tool, and compatible with an ethical approach to production.


This in turn is aided by an interior design which has been prepared according to the principles of ergonomics, where the spaces, countertops and lighting favor the productivity of the workers on board.


The patented design ensures the originality and gives personality to this food truck which is customizable in every facet.

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