8 Food Trucks That Never Age

It’s a well-known fact that a successful restaurant or establishment can stay open for many years.

Less known is the realization that even a street food business can stay on the crest of the wave for years, generating profits and fame for peddlers.

Below, we present 8 examples of food trucks that have been in business for many years thanks to the professionalism of the entrepreneurs who bought them, the quality of the products they sell, and their ability to offer services and good food in multiple situations.


nero’s pizza (7 years in business)

Edo and Max opened a Roman pizzeria in Geneva, Switzerland, and then made it travel on a professional food truck equipped to bake quality pizzas made with zero-kilometer ingredients.

nero's pizza al taglio food truck

Today, the pizzerias have become two, and Nero’s Pizza is their mobile version, a food truck that spreads Italian flavors through the city streets, also available for catering at corporate events, birthday parties, weddings, etc.

Moreover, Nero’s Pizza also offers a home delivery service, with orders available from the website.


THF (9 years in business)

THF stands for The Hamburger Foundation, an entrepreneurial adventure launched by 3 childhood friends that became a success in Geneva, Switzerland.

3 restaurants and 2 food trucks offer the city the chance to enjoy expertly prepared hamburgers accompanied by fries, soft drinks, beer, and a sweet finish.

thf food truck and a client choosing the hamburger

The two food trucks purchased by THF are:

Both food trucks can be rented for catering services at events, as they say on their website: “Birthdays / Weddings / Bar Mitzvahs / Baby showers / Christmas Parties / Festivals / Orgies / Funerals… we’ve done them all and are always open to new ideas.”

Already won over? Don’t hesitate to contact them!


rockburger (8 years in business)

2 burger joints in downtown Turin and a food truck burger that spreads the word with rock music tempos.

rock burger food truck torino

Ronnie, Marlen Pizzo, and Melany Gida are the 3 founders of ROCK BURGER®, a close-knit trio that, like a real band, decided to tour their culinary specialties.

On a burger truck equipped with a top-level kitchen, they offer their legendary burgers with irresistible names: AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Rammstein. Craft beers, Piedmontese wines, and lots of energy complete the offering of excellent street food.

rock burger truck working at events

Rockburger participates in street food events and is available for corporate catering, weddings, and private parties. For eight years, nothing has stopped them.


ape bedda (6 years in business)

The BEDDA Sicilian street food project was born from the idea of a couple in love, also with Sicily.

Tiziana (an architect) and Basilio (a radio personality), aboard an Apecar equiped with a Mediterranean-style kitchen, offer the typical Sicilian sandwich “pane cunzatu,” seasoned with high-quality organic ingredients.

ape bedda sicilian street food

Ape Bedda is equipped with 2 fridges, a refrigerated display case, and a kitchen area for preparing their delicious Sicilian street food.

Like a traditional mobile cart, Ape Bedda takes pane cunzatu to the streets, but also offers a delivery service bringing other Sicilian specialties to homes: arancini, caponata, pasta, rice, couscous, and Sicilian cannoli.

Tiziana and Basilio promote the flavors and popular culture of Sicily in the best way possible.
Their story is truly beautiful.


bobson (8 years in business)

In 2015, dad Alberto, mom Sonia, and daughter Francesca, active in the catering sector, decided it was time to jump into the world of street food.

This choice could not have been more fruitful, as since then Bobson has become an institution in Milan and Baggio where it operates regularly.

bobson street food truck

Equipped with a professional kitchen, the Bobson food truck was built by modifying a Fiat Ducato van.

On this traveling gem, the Bobsons cook gnocchi dishes (with cheeses, carbonara, pesto, pistachios, and other flavors) and prepare gourmet sandwiches.

bobson food truck fiat ducato night service

Vegetable smoothies, craft beers, and a selection of excellent wines accompany a unique menu appreciated by many aficionados.

Bobson also provides catering services for companies and private parties. Despite the recent loss of Alberto (which leaves us moved), the street food business continues in high demand, as Alberto would have wanted.


cafe alpin (6 years in business)

and no less than 4 Piaggio Ape V-Curve converted into surprising mobile coffee bars, all busy warming the hearts of skiers in the French Alps.

Who says food trucks don’t work in winter? Cafe Alpin is the clear demonstration that business opportunities in street food are endless, you just have to know how to seize them.

ape cafe alpin coffee van

The Cafe Alpin’s coffee trucks serve delicious coffee, traditional Italian hot chocolate, and the best English tea in the ski lift areas, satisfying thousands of customers desiring a break and a pleasant hot drink.

The 4 cafeterias work in Chamonix and Alpe D’Huez, offering high-quality products prepared by professional baristas with international experience.

caffe alpin piaggio ape v-curve in chamonix alps

If you go skiing in those areas, you will find them there to welcome you with a smile.


caffè artari (5 years in business)

Emporio Artari is a Valdostan roastery since 1886, today selling a unique coffee worldwide, produced with a meticulous selection of varieties of beans to roast and blend with ancient wisdom.

As per tradition, Artari has also meticulously selected the partner (VS Veicoli Speciali) to realize the “Streetaly Caffè” project and take Artari’s flavors and taste for beautiful things to the French streets.

artari ape cafe paris

VS created the 3 mobile cafeterias that are the stars of this street food project, three mobile labs that color the cityscapes of Versailles and Paris in red.

triporteur caffe artari streetaly

The 3 small coffee vans offer citizens and tourists the experience of tasting an authentic Italian coffee, promoting coffee machines and 100% arabica capsules.

cafe artari equipement on piaggio ape car

The Piaggio Ape V-Smart models are equipped with first-choice equipment that includes cup dispensers, coffee knock-out drawers, and retractable shelves for product display.

Impossible not to notice them and resist the temptation to approach.


camugin (10 years in business)

Since 1952 in Camogli, Liguria, a fried food festival in honor of San Fortunato, the city’s patron saint, has been celebrated. In the harbor, an enormous pan is set up in which 30,000 portions of fish are fried for the citizens of Camogli (camugin) and the numerous tourists who flock there.

The Camugin project, born in 2013, picks up the legacy of this tradition with deep roots in street cuisine to spread and reinterpret it in new forms aboard a vintage Ape TM transformed into a mobile kitchen.

camugin ape street food in liguria

Camugin is a fryer food truck, equipped with an efficient double-tank fryer, capable of producing various dishes typical of the Ligurian tradition: panissa (fried chickpea flour bites), onions, mushrooms, potatoes, sweet milk, shrimp, and mixed fried food.

camugin street food liguria catering service at event

These delicacies are offered in the squares of Ligurian towns, at school and disco exits, at fairs and markets, but also as a catering service for private and corporate parties.

Camugin also actively promotes institutional, trade fair, or catering events for public entities, associations, and restaurateurs. Wherever there is an opportunity for Ligurian street food, Camugin is a protagonist.



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