12 Very Popular Street Foods in Europe

Europe has a rich tradition of street food, some of which have centuries of history. For each country, one could list many excellent street food specialties typical of its cuisine.

We have selected 12 that have been very successful, including internationally. Let’s start with 2 examples of Italian and French street food, and continue with other European countries: Greece, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Austria, Portugal, Turkey and Sweden.


GELATO (Italy)
street food ice-cream italy

Known worldwide, Italian ice cream is handcrafted and served in a myriad of flavors based on cream (pistachio, hazelnut, fiordilatte…) or fruit (lemon, strawberry, berries, melon…).

CREPES (France)
street food crepes france
Thin pancakes made of eggs, flour, and milk, they can be filled with Nutella, jam, sugar and lemon, or fresh fruit. There are also savory versions, typical of Brittany (Galettes).

street food souvlaki greece
Pieces of meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb…) grilled on a skewer and served with tzatziki sauce, vegetables, and sometimes wrapped in a pita.

fish and chips street food uk
Traditionally wrapped in newspaper, this dish consists of fish (usually cod fillets) and chips, fried and seasoned with salt and vinegar.

belgium waffle street food
A type of dessert made with eggs, flour, and butter, cooked between two hot plates that give the pastry a characteristic grid or honeycomb shape. Whether from Liège or Brussels, Belgian waffles are garnished with powdered sugar, strawberries, whipped cream, and honey or chocolate. Without any doubt one of the most beloved street sweets in Europe.

currywurst street food germany
Grilled sausage, sliced and seasoned with ketchup and curry powder, often served with french fries. In Berlin, it’s the snack par excellence.

pizza al taglio street food italy
A type of pizza that is generally baked in large rectangular or square pans and sold by the slice. The thickness and texture of the pizza vary according to regional tradition.

churros street food spain
Fried sweets made of flour, butter, and eggs, commonly dipped in hot chocolate. In Spanish tradition, they can be enjoyed for breakfast in the morning or as an evening snack.

Pork and beef sausage partially boiled and smoked at low temperatures. It is generally served as a hot dog with horseradish mustard (kren). To stuff the hot dog, other typical sausages such as Bratwurst, Knackwurst, or Käsekrainer can be used instead of the Viennese sausage.

BIFANA (Portugal)
bifana sandwich street food portugal
A sandwich stuffed with marinated pork slices (at least 5 or 6 hours) in a mixture of white wine, garlic, bay leaves, salt, and pepper. The meat is then roasted over low heat and placed in the bread with a dressing of mustard and spicy sauce.

doner kebab street food istanbul
The “döner kebab” is one of the most popular street foods in Turkey. Finely sliced lamb, beef, or chicken served in flatbread or a pita, with various vegetables and sauces.

TUNNBRÖDRULLE street food sweden
A unique snack consisting of a thin Swedish bread (tunnbröd) rolled into a cone shape and filled with sausage, mashed potatoes, salad, and other sauces. It can also be found with a shrimp filling. In fact, it exists in infinite street versions.


Most Popular Street Foods on the Most Spectacular Food Trucks

Over time, the ways of cooking and selling street food have multiplied, especially towards the use of equipped and customized vehicles on request.

A FOOD TRUCK is much cheaper than a fixed location and definitely more versatile. Its mobility opens up endless business opportunities, generating visibility and promotional occasions for one’s brand and products.

Choosing to buy a high-end food truck to sell Europe’s most popular street food offers many advantages in terms of:

  • effectiveness: increases commercial impact and economic return;
  • efficiency: allows to work more comfortably improving productivity;
  • savings: reduces maintenance costs in the medium-long term offsetting a higher initial investment;
  • image: high-quality furnishings, graphics, and finishes reflect positively on the brand image;
  • perception: high-quality equipment and materials deteriorate less rapidly and convey a sense of cleanliness and hygiene that is so important in the sale of food products, especially in the context of street food;
  • attitude: working on a high-end vehicle positively affects pride and mental disposition, stimulating to give one’s best.

Below are some examples of food trucks set up to cook the most famous street foods in Europe.

Tesserete – Piaggio Porter Craft X – Gelato
porter ice-cream shop tesserete

La Creperie – Piaggio Ape V-Curve – Crepes
la creperie zurich piaggio ape for vending crepes in the streets

Fish & Chic – Professional Food Truck – Fish and Chips
Fish & Chic food van fiat ducato mobile kitchen

Orsini – NV Food Truck – Pizza
pizza truck orsini roman pizza al taglio

Les Churros du Chef – Piaggio Ape V-Curve – Churros
setup ape food truck les churros du chef

Knack Eat – Piaggio Ape V-Curve – Knackwurst
apecar piaggio knackwurst