Ape V-Curve® – LUPPOLA

  • ape birra luppola veicolo street food
  • luppola ape per vendita itinerante di birra
  • ape piaggio con impianto per spillatura birre
Piaggio Ape, Ape V-Curve®
About This Project

For a beer on the beach on the Ligurian Riviera now there is this beautiful Piaggio Beer Truck “Luppola”, where you can get beer from the tap system realized ad hoc for our outfitting.


Technical features of the beer truck “Luppola”:

  • Ape V-Curve® Piaggio
  • Integrated refrigerated tap system with 3 lines
  • Generator TEC29
  • Electric system 220V 16A
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • LED lightning

The outfitting of a beer truck requires professionality and expertise. If you have a pub or a brewery and you are thinking of promoting it through a mobile trading business, give us a call and tell us what are your needs. Many of our clients ask for a beer Piaggio Ape equipped with tap system, mobile cocktail trucks, coffee vans, etc. Our experience is at your disposal.

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