Ice Cream Truck Milkshake GLACES MOUSTACHE

  • ape gelato nera moustache glaces venduta a Orleans in Francia
  • ape gelato street food moustache glaces
  • piaggio ape gelato realizzata per gelateria di orleans moustache glaces e attrezzata per vendere gelati, milkshake e frappé
Piaggio Ape, Ape V-Curve®, Ice Cream
About This Project

In business since 2014, the Glaces Moustache ice cream parlor has chosen the Ape VCurve model to uniquely and inimitably serve its ice cream, milkshakes and frappe. A quirky and humorous brand, its gelato-makers propose organic and even vegan flavors which can’t be missed if you find yourself near Orléans.


Technical data of the IceCream and Milkshake Truck Glaces Moustache:

  • Ape VCurve
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • One-door storage space
  • 6kw TEC29 Dometic generator
  • Countet space with seven 5kg tubs with storage compartments
  • Roof-mounted cabinets along the perimeter
  • 3000°K LED interior lighting system and two lamps on the side door
  • 220V 16A electrical system with thermomagnetic circuit breaker on each user


Gelato and sugary drinks like milkshake and frappe are ideal products to sell on the street with a Piaggio food truck, in squares, near public parks or in private courtyards. Wherever one finds public turnout or simple passersby, the Ape V-Curve is a successful tool for offering a refreshing break in an original way. Call us and tell us about your goals. We will try to make your street food project a reality with our experience.