Food Truck Master – L’Or Bokit

  • Renault Master Food Truck l'or bokit per vendita sandwich del Guadalupe
  • furgoncino renault per street food a Milano. Renault Master con i colori del Guadalupe
Food truck, Professional Food Truck
About This Project

A truly original food van with a colourful outfitting for our Swiss friends of L’Or Bokit that brings us on golden beaches with all flavours from Guadalupe concentrated in one sandwich.

Technical characteristics of the Renault Master Food Truck “L’Or Bokit”:


  • Renault Master
  • Column fridge 600L
  • n°1 electric fyer
  • n°1 electric fry top
  • n°1 Fridge T.N. 2-doors
  • Different kinds of storage space
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • LED Lighting 3000°K
  • Plants in legal standard

Are you convinced that a Renault Master van is an ideal vehicle to be converted in food van bringing your business on the road? Interested in bodyworks based on different brands?
Call us as soon as possible, let us assist you with specifics, verifying possibilities and costs.

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