Food Trucks: health-care compliance and certification

In recent years the street-food phenomenon has grown exponentially. As often happens to markets with great interests around, the food trucks one has registered the entrance of many businessmen and investors usually non-technical users.

This promiscuity has brought a certain confusion in the street food definition especially for commercial operations and health regulations. Although it is possible to buy foreign vehicles, not in compliance with italian legal standards and make amateur changes on them, this practice is considered dangerous and illegal.

Each food truck must be provided with a healthcare license by the vehicles manufacturer. The authorization to start the business happens for self-certification, due to this traders take lightly health aspects on their food trucks in order to get the health license. This practice is dangerous from a health viewpoint as well as illegal, moreover can cause serious consequences like, for instance, vehicle impounding.

Owning a food truck under legal health standards is fundamental but not simple. Trucks have many features that shall comply with the rule of law. Framework, materials, plants and the maintenance of the vehicle are aspects that often are not respected in amateur food truck equipments.

Some essential requirements that allow you to cook and serve food previously cooked are well known and respected by every competent users.

As for Italy, everything is reported in the Ministry of Health’s ordinance in 3rd April 2002 (

  • The Work must be aboard the equipment and not on land (on land is intended when the operator works on roads)
  • Internal height must be minimum six feet from the deck
  • Must have an upward openings that works like shelter for the customers side workbench

These are just a few of the essential requirements to own a food truck free from future disputes. The guarantee for the costumers who eat food prepared with legal and safe cooking equipment.