Tesla Destination Tour: riding in an electric car with a street food trailer

The Tesla Destination Tour (TDT) is one of the most interesting events of 2018 when looking at corporate marketing and launching new products.

Tesla is the most popular multinational corporation that produces electric cars and high performance systems for stocking energy. Its goal is opening the mass market and creating an environmentally-friendly mobility.

Founded in California by Elon Musk, a South African visionary businessman, Tesla is about to launch on the Italian and European market the MODEL X, an electric car with batteries that can be charged upon payment on the charging stations on the Tesla net.

At the moment, there are two different charging stations: the Supercharger and the Destination Charger. The first mentioned allows the charge of your batteries up to 80% in 30 minutes. Like gas stations, they are located on the main arterial roads. The second type are charging pillars, that give you a slow but full charge and are installed in prolonged stationing zone, like hotels, touristic resorts and shopping centers.

The Tesla Destination Tour is a promotional tour on the Tesla MODEL X, which toes the F-Trailer discovering the Destination Chargers of the official Tesla charging net.

tesla promotional tour with electric car and food trailer

One whole year around Italy in 12 official stops in 12 Italian locations that choose to offer the charging service by Tesla to their clients.

CUSAGO (MI) (Luxury Hotel “Il Mulino Grande”)

LIVIGNO (tbd) on ice test drive

22/23 MARCH

19/20 APRIL

24/25 MAGGIO

12/13 MAY (STOP OFF)

28/29 JUNE

26/27 JULY



Date tbd





Each stop is thought to be a training event on energy and E-mobility on one side, and an opportunity to try high-level kitchen on the other side, discovering the Italian “eccellenze” in terms of wine and food.

In each stop, a very well-known resident chef, with the help of special guests, will create delicious masterpieces in an extraordinary kitchen: the F-Trailer.

The F-Trailer, which stands for Future Trailer, is a street food trailer designed by VS Veicoli Speciali that present itself as a futuristic photovoltaic cube self-alimented and outfitted with a professional kitchen and top equipment for show-cooking. It will be the stage on which the chefs will perform and, always in an energy saving perspective, battle, trying to prepare one of their dishes with the lowest energy consumption.

The Tesla MODEL X will tow this innovative itinerant kitchen and together they will represent E-mobility and zero environmental impact in terms of technology.

VS Veicoli Speciali will be the main sponsor of the tour, since they created the first food trailer in line with Tesla philosophy.


F-Trailer: the most innovative street food trailer on the market


The F-Trailer is an eco-friendly food trailer with batteries powered by photovoltaic panels, totally independent and sustainable. It is outfitted with a professional kitchen, designed in collaboration with other top companies in the food, technology and automotive sectors:

  • Solbian > for photovoltaic panels
  • Kaitek > for power generator systems with batteries
  • Elementi > for the solid antibacterial Krion surface and the innovative electric connection board
  • Gaggenau > for low-consumption induction plates


food trailer and mobile kitchen powered with solar energy - F-Trailer designed for Tesla company


Let’s take a closer look at the technical features of the F-Trailer:

  • 1000 kg weight and 2 m height
  • 4 stationary feet
  • liftable roof and sliding counter
  • independent water system with low consumption heating system
  • two 150 lt cold accumulating fridges with up to 8 hours of autonomy without connection to electricity
  • kitchen area with extractor hood and low-consumption induction plate
  • led lightning
  • lithium battery 10 kWh
  • photovoltaic system 1,5 kWp
  • range extender


All this to guarantee a working autonomy of 18 hours!
All this at zero cost!

The F-Trailer has all the right credentials to become a reference for the street food sector and a great example of a flexible tool to promote your brand/company.

A self-sustaining street food trailer that can do much more than providing professional equipment for show cooking, it has many other advantages:

  • advanced control of charging and discharging processes, also remotely;
  • rapid charging technology;
  • last generation low consumption technology and equipment;
  • max compatibility in charging;
  • easy to tow, thanks to its light weight.


Using a street food trailer can be attractive not only for operators of the food sector, but also for companies that organize events and promotional tours where E-mobility and entertaining play an important role.

Companies interested in self-powered trailers should defenitely have a look at the new eco-technological Yield Trailer!


Promo trucks: the new era of corporate marketing


Tesla is a multinational corporation well-known all around the world and at the cutting edge in automotive and renewable technologies sectors. Therefore, promoting its brand and products with non-conventional marketing strategies is perfectly in line with their mission.

The Tesla Destination Tour meets the needs of launching on the market a revolutionary car with a marketing strategy up to the standards of this challenge.

Itinerant street food, targeted meetings and trainings on new technologies and E-mobility, using a promo truck, which is a truck built for promoting purposes, are elements that convey the idea of a dynamic company focused not only on mere business but also on making the world a better place.

From this concept the idea of combining car and electric trailer was born. Tesla Model X and the F-trailer use innovative technology and high quality street food kitchen to entertain, involve and give visibility not only to a product but to a whole project: a new model of sustainable mobility, made possible thanks to more powerful and fast-charging batteries that can outdo the old mobility model based on fossil fuels.

Promo trucks, either with a mobile kitchen or geared for other purposes, can be used to organize promotional tours and events that offer a great visibility to the organizing company, involving a large number of people between organizers and visitors.

Below here an example of Promotional Truck built for Pentole Agnelli company and sent to HOST fair in Milan in 2017.

Promo truck built for Pentole Agnelli company and sent to a fair for promotional activities

A promotional strategy using promo trucks offers the possibility to operate in any location where there is a substantial flow of people and visitors:

  • festivals, exhibitions and events (not only street food events)
  • shopping centers, outlets
  • airports
  • train stations
  • service stations
  • public places like associations, museums, parks
  • private company areas
  • etc.


The promo truck can be outfitted as a food truck or for other purposes:

  • showcase
  • sale of products
  • entertainment (vehicles equipped with radio, dj set, etc.)
  • and so on


Choosing what kind of truck, or trucks in case of need of a whole fleet of trucks, depends on the specific requirements and goals of the tour. You can decide to buy or rent these trucks and personalise them in the most suitable way for you.

The only limit in using a promo truck to promote your business can be your imagination – nothing an expert consultant can’t fix.