Food Truck Porter Craft X L’Oeuforie

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Food truck, Porter Craft X
About This Project

An elegant Craft X Porter food truck made for L’Oeuforie is traveling the streets of Switzerland. Customized with an amusing egg logo, this vehicle is capable of traveling long distances on the highway and hosting up to three workers at a time on this meticulously designed and well-organized space. All of its materials and systems are compliant with all regulations in force. The outfitting electrically opens up vertically and includes a kitchen with all the equipment necessary for preparing healthy and eco-sustainable street food recipes.
Configuration of the L’Oeuforie Food Truck Porter Craft X:

  • Piaggio Porter NP6 Long Range petrol + LPG
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 230V 16A electrical system with thermomagnetic circuit breaker on each user
  • 2 3000°K LED strips along the entire length of the interiors
  • 1 three-door fridge
  • 6 LED spotlights on the side door
  • 4 16A Schuko sockets
  • 2 extractor hoods
  • 1 storage compartment with 2 doors and a 230V – 2.1 kW internal battery
  • 2 8+8 liter gas fryers
  • 2 four-burner modules
  • 1 wooden open-compartment on the ceiling with 4 LED spotlights
  • 1 open compartment
  • Compliant gas system

On the customer’s request, L’Oeuforie was equipped with eight professional burners, two frying baskets, and a fridge with three custom-made drawers. What will your special configuration be like? Contact us and let’s start to draw it up together.