Bagel Truck – Ghost Bagel

  • bagel truck per vendita ciambelle a Lugano ghost bagel
  • bagel food truck costruito per ghost bagel e attrezzato per vendere ciambelle, muffin, granola e prodotti per la colazione a Lugano
  • bagel truck piaggio porter NP6 realizzato per 2 ragazzi americani che hanno lanciato il loro marchio ghost bagel
Food truck, Porter Craft X
About This Project

Two American guys who moved to Lugano, in the Canton of Ticino, missed the delicious bagels they regularly ate back in their country. Therefore, they started making them on their own and letting friends and acquaintances try them.
The success was so immediate that they decided to turn it into their main activity by buying a customised food truck for selling their exquisite Bagel donuts, along with muffins, cookies, granola, and coffee, everything essential for an excellent breakfast.
Equipment of the GHOST BAGEL Truck:

  • Piaggio Porter NP6 Long Range gasoline + LPG
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 230V 16A electrical system with safety device
  • LED lighting
  • Display showcase
  • Two-door refrigerator
  • Overhead storage cabinet
  • Open storage area

The Porter Craft X setup converted into a bagel truck is a great example of how a food truck can be customized primarily for the sale of a single product. If you have some original idea to realize, let’s talk about it together; we will make our experience available to you.