Vegan Food Truck 77FOODS

  • food truck vegano 77foods
  • food truck vegano vende hamburger di carne vegetale a Parigi
  • food truck vegano di colore rosa vende prodotti a base di bacon vegetale
Food truck, New Vintage Food Truck
About This Project

This extremely cool truck can be found just outside of Paris. 77 Foods has been able to make its business even more unique with its pink look and stickers. 77 Foods is a vegan food truck that offers innovative and sustainable cuisine fit for all as it serves only high-quality, plant-based products, such as vegetable meat burgers.
Equipment on the 77FOODS Citroen Jumper Food Truck:

  • New Vintage Food Truck
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • TEC29 Dometic generator
  • 1 refrigerated display
  • 230V 32A electrical system with thermomagnetic circuit breaker on each user
  • 3 3000°K LED strips along the entire length of the interiors
  • 1 two-door freezer
  • 1 technical compartment with retractable panel for the 15L generator tank
  • 6 LED spotlights on the side door
  • 6 16A Schuko sockets
  • 1 gas oven
  • 1 extractor hood
  • 1 storage compartment with two sliding doors
  • 1 dropdown sign
  • 2 eight-liter gas fryers
  • 1 wooden open compartment on the ceiling with 5 LED spotlights
  • 1 gas smooth plate
  • 1 open shelf
  • Rear camera
  • 1 custom-made, two-door fridge column (700 lt) with a remote-controlled motor
  • 1 folding shelf for customers
  • Gas system

If you are looking for a vegan food truck that sets itself apart for its look and constructive quality, you are in the right place. Tell us about your idea and we’ll give a detailed quote and provide you with our support.