Trailer – Tesla Owners (Prototype)

  • carrello street food ftrailer chiuso a forma ci cubo fotovoltaico per produzione energia solare
  • carrello food progettato per tesla e usato nel tour promozionale per spettacoli di cucina dal vivo
  • carrello rimorchio street food con pannelli fotovoltaici per alimentare cucina e apparati elettrici
About This Project

Tesla corporation has chosen to use a food trailer to promote the new Model X electric car and the charging points of the proprietary network that is being implemented in Italy. During the promotional tour, the Model X will tow the F-Trailer, a prototype food trailer equipped with a professional kitchen, self-powered with solar energy through solar panels that cover it forming a very efficient photovoltaic cube.


The F-Trailer technical features are as follows:

  • 1000 kg of weight and 2 meters height
  • Four-bar hydraulic support
  • Lifting roof and sliding counter
  • Independent low consumption water system with hot water
  • N°2 150lt cold storage fridges with 8 hours of electric range without power
  • Kitchen zone with fumehood and low consumption induction cooking plate
  • LED Illumination
  • 10,2 kWh lithium battery
  • 1,5 kWp photovoltaic system
  • Charging pillars system
  • Remote control


Partners who contributed to this self-sustaining mobile restaurant:

  • Kaitek supplied the lithium battery
  • Solbian the photovoltaic system installed on the kitchen-trailer
  • Gaggenau supplied the induction cooking plates
  • Elementi the personalized table in copper color and the Krion work surface
  • Rocket Espresso created a high efficiency portable coffee machine for espresso


Further information on the F-Trailer


Are you thinking of buying a mobile kitchen to launch your street marketing strategy? Would you like to see more examples of street food trailers and learn more about their qualities? Get in touch with us and get a free quote.

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