Refrigerated Food Trailer Rapelli

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  • rimorchio refrigerato salumeria rapelli per esporre alimenti e promuovere il marchio
  • rimorchio refrigerato per street food
About This Project

The Rapelli already has one VS Deli Food Truck, but it is not stopping there. With a window display and shelves for showcasing its products (cheese, cured meat, delicatessen products) this efficient and original refrigerated food trailer is capable of housing a large quantity of food.
The RAPELLI refrigerated food trailer’s equipment:

  • Refrigerated trailer
  • Walk-in storage space
  • Wall display cabinet
  • Display shelving
  • Internal doors with double-glazed infill
  • Sign on closable roof
  • Extendable awning
  • 2 whiteboards
  • 230V 16A electrical system

This refrigerated food trailer elegantly displays products and promotes the company brand. It is just one of the many street food solutions at your disposal. Call now!