Clothing Trailer Robe di Kappa

  • rimorchio autonegozio abbigliamento robe di kappa di colore verde
  • autonegozio di abbigliamento robe di kappa
  • rimorchio negozio per esposizione e vendita di capi d'abbigliamento robe di kappa
Retail & Promo, Trailer
About This Project

“Robe di Kappa” has chosen a V-Smart trailer to set up a Clothing Trailer and bring its products to the beaches of Sardinia. Featuring a smaller size and a meticulously designed interior space, this clothes shop on wheels has two distinct parts: a front and rear area. The front area for displaying shirts and hats is equipped with a clothes rack and shelves, as well as a fridge with a glass door for selling cold beverages. In the rear area there is a storage compartment with large spaces for storing the merchandise. Compact and elegant, this clothes trailer is easy to transport and works well in any surrounding.
Equipment on the Robe di Kappa Clothing Trailer ROBE DI KAPPA:

  • Trailer with openable panel and doors
  • Tailor-made wooden furniture
  • Front display area with clothes rack and shelves
  • Rear storage area
  • Wall display
  • Fridge with glass door
  • 230V 16A electrical system

A Clothing Trailer Shop allows you to display your merchandise and creatively promote the brand. If you think this solution might work for your project as well, or you are undecided between the various options, call us and we can figure it out together.