The importance of the Brand when it comes to food truck’s success

Nobody can underestimate the importance of the brand for street vending. Relying on an expert to design your brand on a food truck shoud be considered a must.

Many people in this business may think that a logo and a catchy slogan are not worthy spending precious money, since the work might be done quite well by a hobbist or an amateur graphic. In times of weak economic growth, you’ve got to cut down on all the unnecessary costs.

For sure the unnecessary costs do have to be cut down on, but a well-thought graphic is not a cost, rather an investment, an opportunity to project the strength of your business, the chance to be recognized and remembered. This counts in all kinds of businesses, but even more in the street food field, since, due to the constant moving of the vehicle, people will not have reference points but your brand identity.

A skilled expert analyses accurately the client’s needs before designing the graphic: he knows the target and budget, the business profile and the appropriate message to convey to the public. For this reason he can promote your activity and products in the right way, using the communication that can better reach your potential clients.

When short-sighted entrepreneurs opt for the cheapest option the results are often disappointing.

Studying a brand, customising the graphic mood and creating an identity is fundamental, not only to stand out of the crowd, but also to appear convincing to whom approaches your truck for the first time.

You have a few seconds to send a clear message and communicate your identity to the people who are passing by your food truck.

Nowadays is essential for a company to build up a good image and a good reputation, so you need to be fully aware of the fact that your mobile vending vehicle is at the same time your moving promotional tool.

We all appreciate street food and we immediately understand when a food truck, for example at a festival, is totally “arranged” and not professionally designed! These trucks are often old vehicles, without an appropriate structure compliant to the legal standards, besides they usually don’t have a fitting kitchen and they lacks of an adequate communication (logo, graphics, slogan, etc.).

To give just an example, they frequently have very long menus (still unclear how they can keep in the truck all the ingredients for such a vast menu) and a weak brand, that people do not easely recognize and memorize.

This fragile communication keeps clients away and does not leads to success!

Hence make the right choice, rely on an expert to design yuor food truck and empower your brand.