8 reasons to buy a food truck if you have a business in the food service industry

Once upon a time, those who owned a busy café, a popular restaurant or thriving ice cream shop could sleep soundly. The business went ahead producing profits, without big variations year to year. It was rare for the business to fall into trouble due to competitors or external economic shocks.

Today it doesn’t work this way. The digital revolution with its constant stream of innovations puts the whole sector under pressure, forcing every businessperson to stay up-to-date on the latest digital marketing and advertising techniques.

New food trends and exotic dishes spread at lightspeed, leaving the local cuisine out of date.

In the food service sector even local franchises and medium to big chains are subject to fierce competition and sudden changes that threaten to put them of business year after year.

In such a competitive environment success depends on the ability to innovate in every way, including marketing strategies.

For this reason, so many brands have acquired a food truck, or an entire fleet of them, bringing their products on the road and in other situations outside of their regular location. This serves two purposes: selling and advertising the brand at the same in order to branch out with low investment and high flexibility.
catering industry companies purchase food truck like rock burger from Turin that bought a truck to sell hamburgers and promote the brand
Looking more closely at this strategic choice, we have identified at least 8 reasons that explain why businesses in the food service industry choose to acquire food trucks instead of, or in addition to, opening new locations.

Below are the 8 reasons we have identified:

  1. profit multiplier thanks to direct sales
  2. reduced investment and zero-cost management with respect to fixed locations
  3. brand exposure thanks to the food truck’s promotional impact
  4. the possibility of participating in sector events
  5. the opportunity of opening a mobile vendor in places with a high amount of foot traffic
  6. a creative solution that creates enthusiasm inside the business
  7. a flexible instrument that allows the business to meet clients outside its fixed locations, increasing marketing and sales opportunities
  8. enhancement of marketing activities with a “special vehicle” that gives the brand prestige

1. The food truck as a profit multiplier

A food truck extends the reach of a business, multiplying direct sales to a more widespread and varied clientele.

ape food truck per promozione ristorante vecchio mulino

Moving around other areas and locations, the food truck makes its products and brand known to new customers who could become loyal. They could then go on to visit the fixed locations where traditional business rules: restaurants, ice cream shops, creperies, sandwich shops, vegetarian fast food chains, food shops, etc.

From the fixed-location business to the food truck and back again.

2. Reduced investment and zero-cost management compared to fixed locations

Buying a food truck is decidedly more worthwhile than buying or renting a building space.

The initial investment is much less: think about the costs to bear in the acquisition or rental of a building space, the builders and appliances, the furniture (that must nowadays be eye-catching and fashionable), the equipment and machines for the kitchen, a large staff to sustain turnover, authorizations that don’t always arrive on time (if at all), staff training and a large amount of marketing to kickstart business and make a name for yourself. All of this without taking into account all the unforeseen events that can happen in a fixed location when nothing can be done!!

In a food truck these aren’t problems. Everything is concentrated in a vehicle that drives the streets, cuts all costs, maximizes flexibility and increases business opportunities, giving the brand additional visibility.
reduced investment for food trucks and low management costs compared to the purchase of fixed premises
The management costs are brought down: no taxes, no obligations (just health certification, but the manufacturer takes care of this), minimal staff, energy and cleaning only when it is necessary to move a food truck in the place where it will be located and supplying it with enough energy to power the installed equipment.

3. Brand exposure thanks to the food truck’s promotional impact

If you have a business in the food service sector, the food truck is always doing promotion; that is to say that beyond fulfilling the role of mobile kitchen, it represents a promotional tool that publicizes the brand in a dynamic way.
non solo pizza truck in paris purchased for itinerant promotion and selling baked pizzas
A famous pizzeria that equips itself with a food truck does not only acquire a traveling sales point, it obtains a vehicle for street marketing. It buys a mobile advertising space that goes around the city promoting the brand and its fixed-location pizzeria.

It’s hard to find an alternative as efficient and lucrative as this.

4. The possibility of participating in sector events

Imagine having a popular hamburger chain and wanting to participate in a street food festival. A spectacular customized food truck means being able to do it with your brand’s colors, in place of an improvised stand, and being able to boldly promote your business in front of thousands of people: powerful communication that only a fantastic food truck can offer.

In cases like this, it’s safe to say that the medium is the message.

Additionally, the truck makes it easier to participate in these events, in as much that everything will already be ready inside and it will only take a few minutes to set up!!

5. The opportunity of opening a mobile vendor in places with a high amount of foot traffic

It would be a mistake to think that a food truck can be used only in outdoor scenarios and in a limited number of public and private spaces.

The Ape TR is an engineless vehicle specifically designed to be placed in places where vehicles are not allowed.
ape tr food truck designed for Nonna & Nonno and placed in a shopping center in Paris
Stations, airports, museums, shopping centers, resorts, large hotels, casinos and amusement parks are all places where this Piaggio food truck can work as a mobile kiosk, offering high-quality food service with original and thrilling style.

Once again, we are faced with an opportunity to place a flexible sales station in a commercial property with a high number of passersby.

Sales and promotion go hand in hand.

6. A creative solution that creates enthusiasm inside the business

The positive feedback that the purchase of a food truck gives to the business and its staff is not to be underestimated.

A beautiful, curious and fascinating item, an original and fun instrument, a design jewel with a huge symbolic effect: a high-quality food truck is all this and more. It has a tremendously positive impact on people’s moods. This can be understood from the interest and curiosity that it brings out in passersby and from the care that workers give to it.

The best food trucks create enthusiasm and reenergize the spaces where they are put it. Just an extra reason to buy one.

7. The food truck is a flexible instrument that allows the business to meet clients outside its fixed locations, increasing marketing and sales opportunities.

A mobile store allows the business to go out and find clients instead of waiting for them to find you.

In streets, squares, or at events: a food truck offers the possibility of being where potential customers are, which significantly extends the company’s reach, increases the chances of doing business and multiplies sales thanks to the greater number of people from whom to draw new buyers.

The acquisition of new customers is linked to the increase in geographical locations, physical spaces and commercial contexts in which it is possible to promote and advertise the business.

Public and private events, festivals and fairs, inaugurations, celebrations, conferences, expos, public ceremonies, business launches and so on. A food truck offers profit and marketing opportunities that would otherwise be difficult to seize.

8. Enhances marketing activities with a “special vehicle” that gives the brand prestige

A food truck from a certain point of view represents the pride and joy of a business in the food service field.

For many companies, and for a majority of their customers, it will be seen as a symbol of success, the sign of a certain financial capacity that not every company has reached.

To some extent the food truck is still perceived as the luxury toy of a successful brand that can afford it. In this sense it is an element that doubtlessly gives prestige to a brand looking for it.

Not by chance even corporations, banks and financial institutions outside the food service industry buy or rent food trucks, launch street food businesses and offer catering services, being aware of the communicative/symbolic impact it has on their public.
8 reasons to open up a street food business for innovative brand marketing
The purchase of a vehicle with special characteristics reverberates positively on the company’s image.

Know of any other reasons to purchase a food truck? Let us know what they are and we will add them to the list.

Work in food service and have purchased a street food vehicle? Tell us your experience and we will turn it into an article.

If instead you are an individual aiming at becoming a peddler we have good news: there are 9 reasons to buy a food truck!