4 Pizza Truck Models for acquiring new customers in no time

Compared to most food products, the advantage of pizza is that it can be sold anywhere, in any circumstance and at any time.

It’s good at breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, as a snack, and as a meal after a night out. Everyone likes pizza, no matter what the age.

Not coincidentally, even those who do not primarily sell pizza opt for a pizza truck as a street sales solution.

In fact, pizza is, above all, the street food par excellence.

However, once you have figured out that you want to sell pizza on a food truck, you need to understand which is the most suitable model and which features to keep in mind when acquiring one.



The vehicle’s dimensions are the first factor to take under consideration. Two main categories are available:


More than anything, the dimensions clearly influence the quantity of the product you can transport; however, they also affect which places and settings you can access.

That’s why you need to have a well-defined project before buying a vehicle. You must know how and where it will be used, as well as who will work on it.

How many workers will be on board? And even before deciding that, is it necessary to work on board the vehicle or would it be more useful to work on the ground and use it as a workstation?



The equipment depends a lot on the type of ingredients and products being sold, including the kind of pizza (round, by the slice, alla pala, al metro).


eco food truck built as white mobile pizzeria sold in switzerland

Do you need a gas or wood-fired oven? Would a dual system be better?

Are you just selling pizza or other products as well? Are you using fresh or frozen ingredients?

Will drinks also be sold?



The paint job and the quality of the finishing on the mobile pizzeria significantly influence costs. Therefore, the buyer must evaluate the importance of the project’s aesthetics and visuals.

The more important it is to brand and promote the company, the more it will be essential to see to layout and refine the outfitting.

Instead, advertising might be a secondary concern and irrelevant in other cases where production and sales must run quick and smoothly.

The pizza food truck must reflect these needs.

Other concerns regard materials, lighting, food storage, the food truck’s energy supply, and many other extras which support production and sales.

Each element can be customized and fit to the buyer’s desired size, with consequential effects on the cost of the pizza truck, but also on its final quality.


The 4 types of pizza trucks outfitted by VS


VS Veicoli Speciali offers 4 pizza truck solutions:

  • Professional Food Truck
  • NV Food Truck
  • Food Truck Vintage
  • Eco Food Truck


All the requested customizations will be taken care of once a model has been chosen.


Professional Food Truck

Nero’s Pizza

mobile pizza truck with electric ovens neros pizza

This is a safe, ergonomic and functional vehicle which guarantees quality street sales and satisfies the needs of the customers and business.

It is quite simply a perfect pizza truck. It can be equipped with several ovens (alternating ovens keeps customers from waiting), a large area for preparing pizzas, a display window and further equipment as needed.


NV Food Truck


pizza truck orsini roman pizzeria designed for brand promotion and street sales

The New Vintage Food Truck made on a Citröen Jumper is a high-quality solution for companies who want to make a big impression.

The look recalls and renews the old-fashioned style of the Type H. Meanwhile, on board you can work with state-of-the-art equipment, have large spaces for storing products and cooking, a sliding counter, and an indestructible oven.

A pizzeria is not even able to serve as many pizzas as this food truck.


Food Truck Vintage

Le Rossi Hotel

pizza food truck citroen y le rossi hotel in corsica

We were speaking about the Citroën Type H and here it is: an original vehicle which has been restructured and converted into a spectacular food truck.

It has been made for Le Rossi Hotel (Corsica) to generate profits and promote the hotel by getting the most out of the vehicle’s mobility.

Generally, a vintage pizza truck is a successful solution for brands who want a prestigious vehicle to communicate the importance of tradition and demonstrate continuity over time.


ECO Food Truck


food truck pizzeria tutti in brussels run by Maquenne

This is the most affordable and attractive food truck pizzeria for companies and food service providers who’d like to go all in on efficiency and functionality while saving.

This eco food truck has been made for those who need to focus on production and sustain high sales volumes while working comfortably.

This kind of traveling pizzeria could be the ideal purchase for food service companies and chains who need a fleet of affordable vehicles.



A mobile pizza truck can be an outstanding tool for profits and marketing if it takes advantage of the opportunities on the street food market.

VS Veicoli Speciali not only builds vehicles for its clients, but offers genuine consultations aimed at understanding the choices available, the possible locations of use, and the best practices for being successful in the sector.

From the vehicle’s conception to post-sales, VS offers proper guidance to help businesses reach their goals.

And it does this with the understanding that you will immediately start to acquire new customers with a VS pizza truck.