Pizza Food Truck ORSINI

  • pizza food truck per commercio su strada di focaccia romana realizzato per Orsini
  • new vintage food truck vendita di pizza alla romana Orsini
  • nuovo citroen jumper pizza truck attrezzato per il settore della ristorazione
Food truck, New Vintage Food Truck, Pizza
About This Project

Master pizza chef Giancarlo Orsini has chosen the New Vintage Food Truck by VS Veicoli Speciali to bring his Roman focaccia on the road. This high-end Pizza Food Truck is also a powerful street marketing vehicle that can be exploited at fairs, festivals and all kind of events.


Technical features of the pizza food truck ORSINI:

  • New Vintage Food Truck
  • Front sliding counter with glass display for pizza exposition
  • Open storage area
  • Rear counter equipped with gas compartment
  • Pizza preparation area with refrigerated GN trays
  • 1-door below-counter fridge
  • Drawer
  • Pizza oven
  • 2-door refrigeration unit
  • Gas compartment
  • TEC29 generator
  • Built-in sink
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 230V 16A electrical system
  • 3000°K LED lighting system

A catering truck outfitted for the sale of Roman pizza is a great solution for increasing one’s clientele and promote business. A pizza food truck outfitted on a new Citroen Jumper further increases promotional effectiveness thanks its elegant retro design. Taste is important, but sight also plays its part. Call us to find out more about the NV Food Truck conversion kit.