Yield Trailer – The eco-technological trailer challenging food trucks

Trailers outfitted as mobile kitchens or shops have always been tempting options for businesses who want to offer a dynamic and flexible service which is capable of taking advantage of otherwise unreachable sales opportunities.

The advantage of being able to tow a sales site and place it in unusual or distant places incentivizes restaurants, bars, chains, food companies and other industries to equip themselves with a modified trailer to get the most out of their business.

Moreover, the custom graphics of the trailer allow you to communicate the company’s identity and advertise the brand before even entering into contact with clients.

All these benefits are appreciated but are counterbalanced by some important caveats like their excessive sizes, need of an electrical outlet, or high production costs.

Based on these limits, especially in terms of the trailer’s usability, VS Veicoli Speciali has designed a next-generation trailer with the potential to revolutionize the street food and retail market.

The latest creation from VS not only overcomes the limits of traditional trailers, but goes far beyond them by integrating IOT technology (Internet Of Things). This enormously increases efficiency in the managing of resources and clearly moves towards an eco-sustainable work model which reduces the impact on the environment to a minimum.

But let’s take one step at a time.


The solar-powered precursor to the Yield Trailer


The chance to innovate the sector of  the mobile kitchen trailers started in 2018 when Tesla decided to entrust VS Veicoli Speciali with the design of a trailer fueled by batteries and photovoltaic cells which was consistent with Elon Musk’s group’s principles of environmental conversion.

The solution to Tesla’s requests was a photovoltaic cube capable of powering the remote-controlled batteries of the Future Trailer, which freed it from needing to be connected to electrical outlets.

f-trailer ia a mobile food trailer designed by VS Veicoli Speciali totally self-powered with photovoltaic panels

The Future Trailer, towed by a Tesla Model X, would go on to be used in a promotional tour across Italy to promote sustainable transportation based on electric vehicles and the charging stations spread out across the country.

Thanks to the use of this mobile food trailer equipped with a professional kitchen and staffed by renowned chefs, the tour made stops in many Italian cities and provided haute-cuisine cooking shows and exhibitions.

After this experience, the F-Trailer was highlighted once again thanks to the eV-Now Foundation (the same which curated the Tesla tour) for a new traveling communication project financed by the European Union meant to promote electric transportation.

This ongoing project is called EViaggioItaliano and it utilizes cooking shows on the mobile photovoltaic kitchen made by VS to reinforce the urgency of clean-energy ecological reconversion.

As part of the trend which seeks to improve the sustainability of human activities, all the research and experimentation carried out for the creation of the Future Trailer was needed to create the brand-new Yield Trailer.


Yield Trailer: more technology, efficiency and environmental sustainability in the mobile food and sales businesses.


The work carried out over the last years gave birth to Yield Trailer, an efficient eco-technological trailer made for businesses.



Yield Trailer can be converted both into a mobile kitchen and a traveling boutique. In both cases it perfectly integrates technologies which provide faster, safer, and more efficient management of the trailer and its resources.

The lithium battery and photovoltaic panels located on the lifting roof provide for the trailer’s complete energetic independence and top-of-the-line performance.

EXTRA, the built-in IOT system, uses artificial intelligence to:

  • allow for the remote control of the trailer’s functions;
  • simplify the use of the vehicle;
  • increase security;
  • monitor and optimize energy use;
  • improve the quality of the work environment.


Thanks to the precise monitoring, also remotely, of all the devices and equipment installed on the trailer, Yield Trailer allows for the optimal use of resources and reduces energy consumption with significant environmental benefits.

It is an eco-technological trailer which, in addition to above-mentioned benefits, brings together other qualities of great interest for companies.

When closed, it is a compact and extraordinarily convenient trailer to tow. When open, it becomes spacious and allows one or two operators to comfortably serve customers.

In addition to being light and easily towable by any vehicle with a tow hook, Yield Trailer is completely customizable in terms of equipment, materials, graphic design and finishing.

It can be configured to sell all kinds of products:

  • street food: hamburgers, pizza, pasta, gelato, sushi, prosecco, draught beer, wine, etc.
  • retail: clothes, jewelry, perfumes, smartphones, accessories, etc.


Lastly, both as a food truck trailer and as a boutique cart, it can be placed in outdoor and indoor locations thanks to its zero-emissions system with its low environmental impact.

With this irresistible trailer everything is simple and fun. Every location becomes accessible and a potential source of profits: company events, festivals, museum spaces, expo halls, public parks, private parties, shopping centers, and resorts.

Who could have imagined that the green economy would have found one of its star products in a mobile trailer…