The most spectacular mobile wine bar on the market. An interview with Signorvino

Signorvino is a wine retailer with shops all over Italy. The company was founded in 2012 from an idea of Sandro Veronesi, president of the Calzedonia group, with the objective of creating a young and modern wine shop format.

In the Signorvino stores many of the best Italian labels are sold and traditional local dishes are available. The wine manager welcomes and gives advice to customers, livening up the environment with professionality and levity.

The choice of acquiring a custom Piaggio wine bar is in step with Signorvino’s young and dynamic profile.

Below is an interview with the company’s marketing manager.

1. How did the idea of purchasing an Ape Wine Bar come about? What goals did you set for yourselves?

Signorvino is a shop with over 1,500 exclusively Italian wines, a simple and dynamic food service serving traditional Italian dishes, a wide selection of meats and cheeses, ideal for dinners, business lunches and apertifs with friends.
We wanted to also bring these values outside of our stores by creating a “traveling Signorvino” that could demonstrate Signorvino’s values.
Our goal, as with the store, is bringing the public closer to the world of wine, so placing the Ape at in-store and external events is in line with brand.
signorvino mobile wine-bar piaggio ape for promotion and mobile wine trading
2. What convinced you to choose VS Veicoli Speciali?
We did long and extensive research. We also saw the previous works made by Veicoli Speciali on the Ape Vintage/Calassino, which represents a real Italian icon, so it was perfectly in line with our values.

3. How did the collaboration play out from the conceptual design phase to the creation of the customized vehicle?
Very well, they followed us through every detail and step, of which there were more than just a few. For us it was the first time in this type of work.

4. What makes your traveling wine bar special? What are its main strengths?
It’s very much in line with our shop, the same elements and details recall those in the store: the wooden bar, the collage with wooden drawers, the glasses above the bar.

5. Where does it get used?
At in-store and external events.

6. Who manages it? What skills are necessary to be able to manage a traveling business like this?
At the moment it is managed internally and when we don’t use the Ape Wine Bar it gets left in our store in Valpolicella. Additionally, we try to use it as much as possible at events in line with our brand.

7. Are things going according to plan?
We can say that. At the moment we have used it almost exclusively for in-store events, we will see how it works at “away games”.

8. Any interesting tidbits or odd occurrences thanks to your Ape Piaggio Signorvino?
When it was delivered to our store in Valpolicella it was lunchtime. There were clients sitting outdoors who got up to take pictures of it and asked what it was for. When they saw that it opened and transformed into a wine bar, they were left even more surprised.

Click on the link to see the features of this Ape wine-bar designed for Signorvino.
the mobile wine shop signorvino starts up a piaggio food truck to promote the brand and sell wines in street food mode