The colors of Lechler in the custom food trucks of VS Veicoli Speciali

When at Lechler we met VS Veicoli Speciali, we immediately realized that it was the exact practical representation of how it is not necessary to be a huge entity to offer an excellent service and how much the owner’s vision can act as a propellant for a continuous improvement of the offering for full satisfaction of the demand.

Already during the first meeting, more than a year ago, where we introduced and presented the concept of Color Design, the idea was to support our proposal with what they already had, to expand their color offering, reinforcing the importance of the study and identification of the hue in every single detail for an object, the custom food truck, which has in its image and its immediate recognizability the distinctive point.

A customized Mr. Vino piaggio ape wine-bar of intense color that recalls wine and blood

What were “mobile shops” yesterday are now indeed true CUSTOM TRUCKS where customization is definitely developed in the technical project but also in the aesthetic study, and it is the correct mix between these two elements that generates the overall success. That is why Lechler has been promoting the culture of color especially in the design phase in which a precise study of color cannot be neglected.

Borrowing and interpreting Color Design for the world of wheels was an intuition immediately grasped by the CEO of VS, who recognized its potential in a market always hungry for novelties and that requires the same attention as a tailor-made suit.

Color is emotion, empathy, and engagement; it must fascinate and attract but must also communicate clearly and explicitly, besides being functional for the user.

The study of color trends, which is the basis of every new Color Design collection, determines the birth of styles applicable to the entire customization involving the painting of every type of support: from plastics to metals, from wood to glass, reaching walls and floors.

Lechler’s Color Design thus allows for a range between an infinity of color palettes and technical solutions for every need, and the choice of color, contrasts, and effects is meticulously taken care of by VS in its projects as much as by Lechler in every collection.

NV food truck on new Citroen Jumper

For this communion of intents, the collaboration of VS with Lechler was born, and the overall offer of attractive and conscious solutions can only fulfill the client’s dream and help make it a successful business.

With such premises, what was supposed to be a collaboration on special projects became in a few weeks a full-fledged partnership, which then translated not only into the supply by Lechler of all the painting products but also and above all in the creation of an experiential zone of showroom/material library, part of the broader VS Project Creator project, and in the involvement in events with Distributors and Company and in the mutual sharing of ideas and strategies.

The custom food trucks based on the logic of Color Design are harmonious and pleasant for the consumer as well as clearly expressing the communication wishes of the clients. The result is the utmost functionality both through the outfittings and the choice of the best colors/combinations for an unmatched aesthetic and taste experience.

aperol piaggio ape with orange colour design