The Art of the Mobile Coffee Shop According to Artari

In Italy, the art of coffee roasting is an ancient one. Giuseppe Artari founded his first shop in 1886 in Morgex, on the slopes of Mont Blanc in the Aosta Valley.

After a few years, he decided to create his own workshop to roast coffee directly.

From the very beginning, with passion, he dedicated himself to perfecting the preparation of coffee, focusing particularly on three aspects:

  • the selection of the most exquisite varieties;
  • the harmonization of blends to find the perfect balance of aromas and flavors;
  • slow roasting to maximize the distinctive qualities of the beans.


Since then, various generations of the family have succeeded one another with equal dedication to give Artari coffee a unique and exquisite taste.

Today, Emporio Artari is one of the most representative brands of the Italian coffee tradition, with the ambition to achieve equal fame abroad.


Conquering France with a Fleet of Mobile Coffee Shops

There are many ways to sell coffee and promote one’s products, but only one way to do it in a truly creative, dynamic, and fun manner: through a food truck, or better yet, a fleet of food trucks.
artari's piaggio coffee van in versailles
In this area too, Emporio Artari has shown character and a spirit of adventure, acquiring no less than 4 food trucks to use as mobile coffee shops equipped to sell coffee and introduce the brand to the French.

In keeping with its brand identity, Artari opted for the Ape Piaggio, a symbol of Italian-ness, tradition, and good taste.

Specifically, Artari purchased:

mobile coffee shops in paris and versailles

Four custom setups tailored to usage needs, with a refined design and equipment including:

  • coffee knock drawers
  • cup dispensers
  • internal shelves
  • retractable shelving
  • accommodation for the coffee machine


Wherever they are placed, Artari’s coffee trucks capture the attention and curiosity of passers-by. Coffee lovers cannot resist an Italian-style break.


The Streetaly Project by Caffè Artari

Streetaly is the name under which Caffè Artari launched this exciting street food project, which currently involves the use of 4 mobile coffee shops in 6 locations:

  • Centre Commercial Parly 2 (Le Chesnay);
  • Marché Notre Dame (Versailles);
  • Marché Saint-Louis (Versailles);
  • Marché du Château (Versailles);
  • Marché de La Garenne (La Garenne-Colombes);
  • Marché Villeneuve Clichy (Clichy).

artari coffee break in paris, a mobile coffee shop with coffee machine

Artari’s mobile coffee vans primarily offer three coffee specialties:

  • Qualità Rossa 100% Arabica in beans, ground, or Decaffeinated
  • Qualità Verde 80% Arabica 20% Robusta in beans
  • Single-dose 100% Arabica Capsules

coffee truck artari in the french streets

They function as small mobile coffee-shops where people can stop for a coffee break or a cappuccino, and purchase good coffee to take away or to gift.

In all cases, customers leave with the memory of a satisfying sensory experience, pleasant to taste and sight.