Vintage Fashion Truck Christian Dior

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  • fashion truck veicolo espositivo christian dior
Retail & Promo
About This Project

Charm, design, and elegance get expressed in many ways. This vintage fashion truck made for Christian Dior is a clear example of creative and dynamic branding. On a Fiat 508C, fine wood and metal have been custom designed to display and highlight the French brand’s fashion accessories.
Italy and France have come together to win over the eyes and hearts of fashion enthusiasts.
Technical characteristics of the Fashion Truck Christian Dior:

  • Fiat 508C Pickup
  • Lifting roof
  • Side doors
  • Spring loaded blinds
  • Surface and blinds covered with customer’s fabric
  • Bronzed metal finishes
  • Custom wood color
  • Various wooden display counters
  • Retractable sink
  • Fridge
  • Independent water system
  • 220V 32A electrical system with circuit breaker
  • LED lighting

There are many types of promotional and display vehicles. Vintage fashion trucks are enticing options for brands looking for refined solutions to showcase their style. What do you have in mind for your brand?