• Ape Triporteur Publicitaire Jugenddienst Bozen-Land
  • Piaggio Triporteur Publicitaire Jugenddienst Bozen-Land
  • Ape triporteur aménagé comme vehicule publicitaire pour Jugenddienst Bozen-Land
Retail & Promo
About This Project

JUGENDDIENST BOZEN-LAND is an organization which does social work for some provinces in Alto Adige, offering services to young people in the sports, work, and cultural sectors to promote their growth and well-being.
The Advertising Ape Car designed for AGJD will be used for event promotion and as an information point for young people in the region. Its name is YOUTH.
Characteristics of the Advertising Ape Car Jugenddienst Bozen-Land:

  • Electric Ape V-Curve®
  • 150 lt fridge
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • Open storage space
  • 16A Schuko sockets
  • LED Lighting
  • 230V 16A electrical system with circuit breaker
  • Ceiling shelving along the perimeter

An Ape V-Curve used in event promotion and for communication purposes is an affordable and effective solution for getting attention and gaining visibility for your activities. What are you waiting for to buy this communication tool?