Seafood Food Truck NIEDDITTAS

  • eco food truck pesce nieddittas
  • food truck di pesce della sardegna nieddittas
  • food truck ristorante di pesce nieddittas
Food truck, Eco Food Truck
About This Project

We have set up a Seafood Food Truck for the Sardinian cooperative “Nieddittas”. On the Sardianian streets you can come across this bright white vehicle with colorful graphics which are there to provide the customer with important information. The setup has been made with the required professional equipment and standardized materials and systems in order to offer tasty and fresh seafood which comes straight from the Sardinian sea. The cooking equipment includes a pasta cooker, a hot plate, two fryers, and a large extractor hood.
Technical features of the NIEDDITTAS seafood food truck:

  • Eco Food Truck
  • 1 350L display fridge
  • 2 120L freezers
  • 1 10L gas fryer
  • 1 L 40 cm gas hot plate
  • 1 13L gas pasta cooker
  • 6 open storage spaces
  • 1 hood
  • 1 chimney
  • 1 ceiling shelf
  • 3 wall units
  • Dometic TEC29 generator
  • TANK 15L generator
  • Gas system
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 230V 16A electrical system
  • 3000°K LED lighting system

Fresh fish is a fan favorite and ideal for delivery and catering. The conversion of an Eco food truck into a seafood restaurant doesn’t take too much time and can be carried out relatively cheaply. Get in contact with us now for further details.