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  • promo truck ape piaggio per cinema itinerante in svizzera
  • cineape promo truck per proiezione itinerante di film
  • piaggio promo truck per allestire cinema all'aperto in svizzera
Retail & Promo
About This Project

Cineape: a new idea of a movie theater on a unique kind of promo truck! This Ape outfitted by VS Veicoli Speciali will become an itinerant movie theater that will travel through Switzerland.


The Promo Truck Piaggio Cineape:

  • Ape with straight roof
  • Opening on three sides


You can purchase a modified piaggio ape even if your job is not to screen movies from a vehicle geared up to set up an open-air movie theater.

Whatever is your project or business the idea to promote it with a promo truck piaggio can be successful likewise for many other entrepreneurs.

Contact us to explain your needs, let’s start to make your idea a reality.

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