• promo truck boutique mobile vendita di saponi per officina cosmetica
  • negozio mobile e promo truck di officina cosmetica. Colore celeste e panna con cassetti espositivi
  • negozio mobile cosmetica realizzato su ape piaggio v-curve
Retail & Promo
About This Project

This Ape V-Curve smells differently! A small moving shop of artisanal cutting soaps of all kind of types and fragrances. A boutique truck to promote a fashionable cosmetic brand.
Technical features of the mobile boutique truck “Officina Cosmetica”:

  • Ape V-Curve® Piaggio
  • Extractable display counter
  • Battery system
  • Electric system 220V 16A
  • LED lightning

Do you have a shop or company in the cosmetic industry and thinking of promote it with a vehicle that works as mobile boutique? Do you need a small Boutique Truck for advertising your products? Contact us as soon as possible and let us see if we can be of help to your project. Explain us what are your needs.