• ape pizza arancione finlandia
  • ape pizza con forno a gas modello smart di colore arancione
  • ape pizza forno a gas acquistata da ville ahtianen in Finlandia
Piaggio Ape, Ape Smart & V-Smart®, Street Food, Pizza
About This Project

The Finnish company Ville Ahtiainen has opened a pizzeria on three wheels and chosen a bright-orange Ape Smart covered in cool stickers as its vehicle of choice. This pizza ape car is popping out delicious pizzas and satisfying people across the Espoo region in the south of Finland.
Equipment on the VILLE AHTIANEN Pizza Ape Car:

  • Ape Smart®
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • 1 gas system
  • 1 retractable stainless-steel support
  • 1 one-door fridge
  • 1 storage space with hinged door
  • 3000°K LED interior lighting system
  • Gas system
  • 4 LED spotlights on front side door
  • 2 LED spotlights on rear and back side door
  • 230V 16A electrical system with thermomagnetic circuit breaker on each user

A mobile pizzeria made on an Ape Smart allows you to get the biggest bang for your bank. If you want to earn money with a visually impactful ApeCar, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you find the best solution for you.