Grill Trailer Be Typical

  • rimorchio autonegozio be typical
  • rimorchio street food per commercio itinerante
  • allestimento rimorchi preventivo costi
Trailer, BBQ / Grill
About This Project

The original Bergamo-style grilled polenta is waiting for you aboard this wonderful Grill Trailer styled by VS Street Food, where this traditional specialty takes on a modern flair: it would be a shame not to taste it.
Technical specifications of the Grill Trailer “Be Typical”:

  • VS Trailer
  • Sliding front counter with neutral display cabinet and cash register zone
  • 800 litre fridge
  • 1-door freezer
  • Kitchen zone with extractor hood and stainless steel insulated backing
  • Gas stove compartment
  • Tec60 built-in current generator
  • All systems conforming to the applicable regulations

Would you like to buy a custom Grill Trailer for your business? We build new mobile food trailers according to our clients’ requests; feel free to contact us anytime.