Food Truck Mercedes 310 – Kitchenette

Food truck, Vintage Food truck, Burger
About This Project

Just hamburgers and french fries… but everything authentic and handmade. It’s not a dream, it is the unique Mercedes 310 Food Truck! You can find it in Zurich (Switzerland).
Lukas, Rebekka and Reto had travelled around the world bringing back new competences and cooking ideas to serve their innovative cusine to customers. They have turned their passion in their job!
Technical specifications of the Mercedes 310 Food Truck “Kitchenette”:

  • Vehicle Mercedes 310
  • Gas Frytop 80
  • Gas Fryer 60 – 10+10 Tank
  • Drop-in refrigerated suspended
  • Kitchen area with extractor hood
  • n°2 fridge 2-doors
  • n°1 fridge 1-door
  • Electric System 2 ways 200-250V 16A each
  • Independent water system with hot waer
  • LED Lighting 3000°K
  • System compliant with legal standards

Would you like to buy a customized vintage food truck for your business? We build new food trucks according to our clients’ requests; feel free to contact us anytime.