Fish Trailer GODFISH

  • godfish carrello street food per vendita ambulante piatti di pesce
  • carrello vendita itinerante pesce godfish
  • carrello rimorchio commercio ambulante godfish
About This Project

Menin family is specialised in fish since 1988 and now the new generation brings the tradition on the road. Fried or grilled, on this mobile food trailer outfitted by VS Veicoli Speciali, fish is the king.
Technical aspects of the fish trailer Godfish:

  • Extractor hood
  • n°1 Column Freezer 800L
  • n°1 Fridge 1 door
  • n°1 Frytop
  • n°1 Double basin fryer 8+8
  • n°1 Single basin fryer 8
  • Independent water system with hot water
  • Electric system 230V 32A
  • LED lightning 3000°K

A fish trailer used as mobile kitchen is an excelent solution to transform your restaurant into a mobile food station able to increase the number of clients and promote your brand. Contact us to talk about the possibilities available to you.