All restaurants and, in general, all food & beverage companies should be provided with a food truck. This is the opinion of the majority of the representatives of the sector, but there still are some who think that setting their business on wheels represents a step backwards, if not even a disqualifying action for their business.

This belief originates from another misleading belief: there is no difference among peddlers, burger men and food truckers. Likely the potentiality of a food truck business are not fully understood. It is still a common belief that only a steady location can actually improve the value of a brand and a business.

What is still hard to understand is that the world, in the last few years, has radically changed and along with it, the habits and ways people eat. Moreover, the strong economic change of the last decade forced many restaurants to close, because they were not able to adapt to change, modernize the offer and create a more endearing and dynamic way of working. Appeal, flexibility and dynamics with low managing costs are the basic features for a successful street food business on a food truck!

Of course, to be able to realize a street food project with these features, you need not only a cool and functional food truck, but also a brand and a clear communication, not to mention a quality product with low production costs and a diversification in the way of using the food truck.

Opening a food truck business not only allows to have endless opportunity to use the truck, but also to eliminate additional costs when you are not using the truck. If you own a food truck, you can go directly where there is a market opportunity and you will not suffer from the changes that might take place around your location. Moreover, you can avoid spending a lot of money for advertising with doubtful economic return.

Food trucks give their best in contests like airports, outlets, supermarkets, museums, parks and similar locations, where realizing fixed structures can imply endless and risky bureaucratic procedure, not to mention expensive piece of masonry work.

This is why food trucks are the perfect solution: they do not need any piece of masonry work, they are independent and can be moved anytime. It has finally become apparent that invest in a street food business means low risk, endless opportunity and sets you out of the dynamics (and problems) of a fix location.


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