On the way to an intelligent Food Truck thanks to AI

Over the last few months, artificial intelligence has been a hot topic thanks to ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by OpenAI with exceptional natural conversational skills.

In addition to arousing lots of public interest, ChatGPT has unleashed an intense debate in which some of the biggest experts in the sector, and titans of industry like Elon Musk, have made their voices heard to warn of the need to temporarily suspend the development of these systems at a global level.

The Future of Life Institute has even called for a six-month stop to the development of systems which are more advanced than GPT-4 in AI laboratories throughout the world. The goal would be to better analyze the risks caused by this technology and provide rules of conduct which could help avoid unrestrained development of these systems.

While there are those who justifiably highlight the RISKS of artificial intelligence, others are justifiably focusing on the BENEFITS that this technology could offer to countless fields of applications.

The automotive industry and, as a corollary, the food truck sector are certainly among those which could make use of this technology.


AI-integrated food trucks


Autonomous and assisted driving systems

Much like cars, food trucks will drive around autonomously and allow their users to take advantage of free time to make plans, strategize, acquire information or relax.

The food truck of the future will be an “intelligent mobile space”.



The intelligent food truck will be able to identify and avoid road obstacles. It will be able to monitor our psychophysical status and, if necessary, warn us if we are falling asleep to get us to stop or have someone else drive.

The AI will take care of the vehicle’s preventive maintenance by monitoring all of its components and signaling problems in advance.

example of product strategy for burger truck
Optimizing routes

AI will help us choose the best route and the right departure time to reach our destination or event.


Optimizing energy use

The food truck of the future will be able to autonomously monitor the energy use of every device or instrument, adjusting them to limit consumption.


Quick inventorying

AI will warn the food trucker when certain products are running out or finished.


Orders to suppliers

At this point AI will autonomously send the order to the supplier with the food trucker’s prior approval (and the possibility of changing it).



AI will remind the food trucker of the date and arrival time of the products which have been ordered.


Food conservation

The food truck’s artificial intelligence will control the freshness of drinks and food products in the fridges, adjusting the temperature based on the external climatic conditions.

foodtruck dolomiti street food chef cooking


AI will assist the food trucker in creating recipes which are fit to local tastes. It will suggest the use of products and ingredients based on the city or neighborhood to align with local preferences.


Online orders

Integrated into the mobile APPs, it will allow the food trucker to remotely receive orders, queuing them up and informing the customer of what time to show up at the food truck.



Year after year, artificial intelligence will use historical and economic data to produce sales forecasts. This will make it easier for food truckers to figure out their business strategy.


These are just some of the innovations which artificial intelligence will bring to the food truck sector.

VS Veicoli Speciali is working to be a leader in this technological revolution. That’s why it has developed a digital system to ease food truck management which will be integrated with new AI functionalities over time.


eXtra® is the mobile App for the intelligent management of your food truck


eXtra® is the name of the digital technology developed and patented by VS which optimizes food truck processes and monitors the vehicle from the comfort of your phone.


extra mobile app to manage your food truck remotely


Currently eXtra® offers extremely useful functions which allow one to carry out operations like:

  • Checking the opening/closing of the doors;
  • Checking the status of the support legs;
  • Checking and adjusting the food truck’s environmental parameters;
  • Adjusting the climate control and aeration;
  • Changing the fridge temperature;
  • Managing the food truck’s lighting;
  • Tracking the food truck’s position and the routes it has taken;
  • Setting security alarms;
  • Monitoring the battery charge;
  • etc.


In the future these functions will be expanded and integrated with artificial intelligence to make work easier, expand business, and increase profits.

If you’d already like to take advantage of this technology in the street food sector and want to be ready for the next technological leap with integrated AI, do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

In the meantime, we invite you to test out AI to design the food truck of your dreams.


Three links to play with AI:

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